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TCL TV Can’t Change Channel

Last Updated Feb 18, 2022
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TCL TVs are known to be some of the best TVs on the market. They are durable and can allow you to stream or play video games on vibrant and clear screens. Unfortunately, TCL TVs do have problems that can be annoying and frustrating to fix from time to time. One of the most common issues you might experience with a TCL TV is that the channels won’t change. 

There are many reasons why the TV might not change channels. Most of the time, it’s because of a problem with the remote. In other cases, it might be an issue with the selected input source, or it could be because of a malfunctioning system update. 

If your TCL TV is not changing channels, you might be wondering how to troubleshoot the problem. We will go over all the tips in this article and advice on how to fix the issue so you can get back to watching TV.

Why Is MY TCL TV Not Changing Channels?

The first step in finding the issue with the TV is to see if the problem falls with the remote.

Try changing the channels with the buttons on the TV. If it works, the problem is most likely with your remote, and you will need to find out why.

The Remote is Not Working

Here are some tips for fixing the remote:

  • Change the batteries. This might seem a little obvious, but everyone forgets to change the batteries in the remote. If no buttons in the remote are working, the batteries are probably dead. 
  • Check for interference. The remote might not be working if there are too many things between where you are sitting and the TV. Objects can block the signal. Try moving closer to the TV and see if the buttons work. 
  • Check for damage. If you recently had a spill on the remote or knocked it off a table and onto the floor, the remote might be damaged and not working. 

If all these things fail, you might need to get a new remote. If you spilled something onto the remote, this is most likely the case. Liquid can build up under the buttons and cause them to become sticky and not work properly. 

You can check for new remotes online. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s information first to get the right remote for your TV.

Checking the Input Source

The channel buttons on the remote will only work on certain input sources. Your TCL TV will have many different input sources, including HDMI, AV, Antenna TV, and maybe an input for streaming channels, depending on what kind of TV you have. 

You can change the input easily by pressing the input icon and scrolling through the choices until you see the one you want to set the TV. The channel buttons are only needed for certain inputs, so they will not work for all. 

Here are some tips on choosing to input and the reasons why you might need that input:

  • If you are watching air television, you need to make sure the TV is set on the Antenna TV source. 
  • Cable boxes are usually connected to an HDMI port, so you will need to set the TV to the correct port to change the channels. 
  • Streaming devices are also usually plugged into an HDMI port. Make sure you have the TV set to the right port to stream from your favorite device.

If the remote tips and the input information did not fix your issue, you might need to check the software updates to your TV and see if they caused a bug.

Checking the TV Upgrades

Sometimes, when the TV software is updated, either automatically or manually, it can cause problems. If your problem with changing channels happened soon after updating the TV, fixing it can be harder than if the problem was with the remote or the input source. 

If there is a bug in the update, you can contact customer support for TCL and report the issue. Many other people are probably doing the same thing as they are experiencing issues with their TVs. 

If TCL receives many complaints and realizes there is a bug, they will fix it and make another update. Once the new update is installed, you should start changing the channels again.

Final Thoughts

Finding that you can’t change the channels on your TCL TV can be annoying. Before doing anything else, check the remote and see if it’s working. Once you have ruled the remote out, you can also check the input sources and the software updates. Calling or emailing customer support is always a good idea if you need extra help.
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