Samsung Bixby assistant will soon be able to imitate your voice to respond to calls

samsung smartphone face down on the brown tablesamsung smartphone face down on the brown table

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A coming to Samsung devices later this month promises to use AI to reproduce your voice in order to respond to phone calls you can’t actually answer.

The update revolves around Bixby Text Call, a feature of Samsung’s One UI software for its Android phones, which allows users to respond to an incoming phone call by typing a text message and having the system read it aloud to the caller. Previously, the user selected a computer generated voice to read those messages.

However, Samsung is promising a rollout later this month of a new version which allows Bixby to take your own voice and reproduce it for use in calls. The feature will be coming to Samsung Galaxy S23 models soon; no word yet on whether previous flagships or other high end devices like the Flip and Fold series smartphones will get the feature as well.

Samsung also says that it intends to make the voice cloning feature available in other Samsung apps, however no details have been offered about those future upgrades.

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