Microsoft Unveil’s ChatGPT Based “Copilot” for the Office 365 Suite

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Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing a new AI based “Copilot” software to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Viva, Power Platform, and more. The feature, powered by the new hot-shot ChatGPT-4 large language model, has yet to have a price point or licensing information, but is expected to be an additional charge service on top of an Office365 subscription.

The assistant is expected to work similarly to the Copilot functionality of the Microsoft owned GitHub. GitHub copilot has proved massively successful for its users, with developers estimating an 80% increase in productivity when using GitHub Copilot. If Microsoft is able to translate the same efficacy to the 365 Copilot, users may enter a new error of efficacy in the office suite. Microsoft is emphasizing three key functionalities for the new assistant:

  • Unleash Creativity
    • In the creative Microsoft suite apps such as Word and PowerPoint, users will be empowered with the creative output of Copilot. They may generate a first draft of an essay in word, or lay out a convincing PowerPoint presentation all with a simple prompt.
  • Unleash Productivity
    • In Excel, users may find much quicker analytical processes based on data inputs. Microsoft also emphasizes “regaining the 80%.” This is a reference to officer works citing that only 20% of their working hours are spent on critical tasks, while 80% is dedicated to busy work that clogs production lines. Users will be able to clear their Outlook inbox much faster, digest long email threads quickly, automatically generate Teams meeting notes, and automate repetitive tasks in Power Platform.
  • Uplevel Skills
    • Microsoft365 is a vast suite of advanced programs that is capable of generating documents the world over. However, most users are limited to the few commands that they are already familiar with. Despite its intuitive user interface, it can be difficult to break the rut in Microsoft365. The Copilot assistant turns these hidden functionalities into natural language accessible to all users. This enables even the most introductory user to access the vast features available in the Microsoft365 suite.

Microsoft Copilot’s benefits do not stop on the user level. Copilot also offers deep learning functionality that has the potential to change the way businesses and corporations handle the massive amounts of available data that is shared within them on a daily basis. This “knowledge model” is intended to remove unnecessary duplication of work across enterprises and streamline communication within and between business segments.

Microsoft is touting its new Copilot software as the next revolution in Microsoft365. Soon we shall see if the ChatGPT powered software can live up to the high expectations Microsoft has set for it.

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