LG Remote – How to Fix Volume Button Issues


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Everyone knows how annoying a faulty TV remote button can be. You are watching a program on your LG TV, you try to turn up the volume with the remote but get no response. Even worse, your LG TV remote randomly turns the volume up or down on a whim. So, how can you fix this issue?

The most common working solutions for when your LG remote’s volume button doesn’t work on your remote include:

  • Change the batteries
  • Open the remote and clean the contact board with an alcohol-based cleaner

Most of the time, these TV remote issues are easy DIY projects you can handle. Read on to learn more on how to tackle these issues.

Your Volume Button Is Not Working

In this case, you try adjusting the volume with your LG TV remote, but the action is not reflected on your screen. 

First, you’ll want to try other volumes on the remote. If you also get no response, the batteries are likely going dead and need changing.

LG TV remotes normally use 2 AAA batteries. You can get those at the nearest store or on Amazon. Any brand would do, but the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are highly rated. You can also opt for the environment-friendly Voniko AAA Leakproof batteries.

Your Volume Adjusts Itself Randomly

Usually, the most used buttons on a remote develop issues first. If this happens to you, your volume button may be stuck.

To get the button(s) unstuck, take out the batteries from your remote, then press the volume button while sliding your fingers up and down a few times to loosen it.

Your TV Is Causing Volume Issues

It is not always the remote responsible for your LG TV’s volume fluctuations. Below are some other causes.

Your TV’s Audio Settings

LG TVs have an “Auto Volume” and a Smart Sound Mode setting that automatically adjusts the volume based on the situation.

You can turn them off by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Sound
  3. Click Volume Mode
  4. Go to Auto Volume or Settings
  5. Click Sound
  6. Click Smart Sound Mode

Now, let’s see if your TV’s volume knob is faulty.

Your TV’s Volume Knob is Faulty

Some LG TV models have a volume knob on their base. If it gets stuck or has a defect, it can cause your TV volume to turn automatically.

Although this is relatively easy to fix, we don’t recommend handling it yourself since it involves taking the TV apart – unless you know what you are doing. You can call an experienced technician to fix it for you.

Other Ways You Can Fix Your Remote Volume

Here are some other ways you can fix your remote volume:

  1. Ensure No Obstacle is Between Your Remote and TV: Your remote works with infrared light rays, which allow it to send commands to your TV. Remove anything blocking its line of sight to the TV.
  2. Use the LG Remote App: If you do not want to buy a new remote, you can use the LG TV Plus app for Smart TVs, available for Android and Apple phones. With the app, you can control your TV without the remote.

Now, let’s see troubleshooting your LG TV’s audio.

Troubleshooting Your LG TV’s Audio

If none of these fixes are working, there are some more tests you can run to ensure you’ll get back to watching media on your LG TV.

Perform a Sound Test

Sometimes, issues with your TV’s audio or volume may not be from the remote. A sound test helps you confirm whether the problem is from your LG TV or an external source.

To do a Sound Test:

  1. Press the settings button on your remote
  2. Navigate through All Settings
  3. Click Sound
  4. Click Sound Test
  5. Answer the following question and follow the instructions

If the test reveals a problem with your TV’s audio, you may need to contact a technician for it.

Restore Your A/V to Factory Settings

Here are the steps to restoring your audio settings back to the factory settings:

  1. You can try restoring your A/V to factory settings
  2. Press the “Mute” button on your remote three times
  3. Select “A/V Reset” 
  4. You should get a confirmation message on your screen

Now, let’s see how to fix the issue if you’re getting distorted audio.

You are Getting Distorted Audio

If you get choppy audio from your TV, it could be caused by defective audio circuitry in the TV. Connected external devices also seem to cause it too.

In your TV sound settings, check if the “Sound Out” is set to the correct device.

You Have Low Audio

This can be due to wrong TV settings or low audio stream from a connected device.

If you have an external device connected to the TV, ensure the connecting cable is firmly in place, and try adjusting the volume on the device.

You are Getting No Audio

If you are not using external speakers, check if your sound is not on mute and make sure TV Sound Out is set to Internal TV Speaker in the sound settings.

If you are using external speakers, check if you are using the right settings. The TV Sound Out should be set to the appropriate function.


Sometimes, all you can do is replace the remote (or use the app as we recommended). A faulty LG TV remote could signify that it is old and due for replacement.

Before you condemn the remote, though, try the tips we suggested in this guide. Hopefully, you find one that solves your problem.

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