Is Insignia TV Better Than Vizio?


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You’re looking into investing in an Insignia TV or a Vizio, but you don’t know which one of the two is better. Although they are both remarkable televisions, you should be more inclined to choose an Insignia television over a Vizio. This is because Insignia televisions are more budget-friendly while still offering decent quality specs.

Here is a table showing the differences between two similar Insignia and Vizio TV models:

TV ModelsInsignia – 50″ Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TVVIZIO – 50″ Class V-Series LED 4K UHD Smart TV
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Screen Size50” 50”
LED Panel TypeStandard LED   Standard LED
Refresh Rate60 HZ60 HZ

Based on the comparison between these two televisions, the specs of the Insignia television rivals with the Vizio while also being over $60 cheaper. This factor alone can help you choose the Insignia television over the Vizio. Keep reading to learn more about which TV brand you should go with when looking to purchase a new television.

Insignia TV VS Vizio TV

Since these two televisions offer similar specs, you should be choosing the Insignia 50” over the Vizio 50”. You will be paying for a cheaper television that comes with the same features that the more expensive television has as well. 

Here is another table comparing the differences between two similar televisions in these brands:

Television Models  Insignia™ – 50″ Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV   VIZIO – 50″ Class V-Series LED 4K UHD Smart TV  
Resolution  4K (2160p)  4K (2160p)  
High Dynamic Range  Yes  Yes  
High Dynamic Range Format HDR 10 Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, HDR 10, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) 
Backlight Type  Direct Lit  Direct Lit   
Number of HDMI Ports  3  3  
Network Compatibility Built-in Wi-Fi  Ethernet, Built-in Wi-Fi 

Now, let’s take a look at the differences between streaming.

Streaming Services

The Insignia 50” and the Vizio 50” both have many similarities in their technology. However, these two televisions also have available streaming services that are different from the other.  

Here is a table showing the different streaming services that each television offers: 

Television Models  Insignia™ – 50″ Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV   VIZIO – 50″ Class V-Series LED 4K UHD Smart TV  
Smart Platform  Fire TV SmartCast 
Featured Streaming Service Apple TV+
Prime Video
Sling TV
Apple TV+
Fubo TV
Prime Video
Sling TV
YouTube TV 

If you are looking for a TV that will be compatible with more streaming services, then VIZIO could be right for you.

Insignia Fire TV VS Vizio SmartCast

Another appealing feature is the addition of the Fire TV. With the purchase of this type of Insignia 50” television, you have access to Fire TV. Although Vizio’s SmartCast has access to more pre-installed apps, it is still more expensive.  

Fire TV allows you to enjoy full access to the different applications that the tv comes with, such as most streaming services or games. If you do not have an Amazon account, there is a “basic access” selection that still allows you to utilize your tv, but you will not have access to most apps.


The performance of these two televisions is almost equal. Although the Vizio 50” V-Series TV offers more HDR formatting, it does not perform that well. However, this line of Vizio has excellent color contrast for watching in a dark room. 

However, the Insignia 50” F30 Series TV’s HDR format does perform the way an entry-level television should. The television’s color reproduction is accurate with better contrast than other HD TVs making it a better contender than the Vizio TV.

Saving Money 

The Insignia and Vizio brands are both well known for their budget televisions compared to their more expensive counterparts, such as LG or Samsung. However, Insignia offers more budget-friendly televisions compared to Vizio.

Since the Insignia brand was created by BestBuy, you will be able to take advantage of the 50% off deals that occur during Black Friday and closer to the holiday season. Knowing this will help you save even more money on Insignia televisions.


Insignia and Vizio televisions are both reasonable entry-level televisions that come with overall decent specs. However, if you are thinking about which one is the best starter television, an Insignia television is the one that you should choose.

With the comparison of the two televisions given, the specs that come with the 50” Insignia television are almost identical to the Vizio 50” television. Since this is a budget-friendly television, you will also be spending less money on an Insignia television, especially during sales that take place during Black Friday or around the holiday season.

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