How to Stop Firestick from Auto Updating

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The popular Amazon Fire TV Stick allows users to connect to all their desired streaming services. It includes features like Alexa Voice Remote and live TV channels. There are many benefits to the Fire TV Stick, but it makes it very hard to stop automatic updates.

To stop a Firestick from updating, users have to resort to workarounds to make up for the lack of built-in update settings. The usual procedure is to work with the Android Debug Bridge, which allows developer command lines to be used.

If you are a Firestick owner wishing to stop the hassle of automatic updates, follow the steps below.

How to Stop Firestick from Updating

The newest generation of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a streaming powerhouse that provides streamlined access to your favorite content. It allows fast Full HD streaming and includes Alexa Voice Remote control that covers power and volume buttons.

On top of streaming services, Firestick also has access to live TV and free TV channels. Like all other devices of its type, the Amazon Fire TV stick occasionally has to go through routine automatic updates that will prevent it from being used for a time.

Without a way to disable automatic updates in the device settings, Firestick users will have to follow a few extra steps. The easiest process is to use the Android Debug Bridge to complete this task.

How to Use Android Debug Bridge

The Android Debug Bridge, also known as ADB, is a command-line tool that allows developers access to a device. In this case, the Android Debug Bridge will be used to communicate with the Firestick.

To establish this communication, you will have to follow several steps. While this may seem time-consuming, it is a straightforward process that will save you time in the future. It will also give you full control over when your Firestick updates.

Enable Android Debug Bridge Access

The first step in the process will be enabling the Fire TV Stick to connect with the Android Debug Bridge. To do this, access the Fire TV stick home screen and go to Settings. Then, select My Fire TV, followed by Developer Options.

There, you will see a toggle menu for ADB Debugging. Make sure it is turned to On.

Find the Firestick IP Address

To be able to establish communication between the Android Debugging Bridge and the Fire TV Stick, you will need its IP address. This can also be found under My Fire TV in the home screen settings.

Select About, then scroll to Network, where you will find the IP address assigned to your Fire TV Stick by your WiFi network. You will need the whole address, so make sure to save it somewhere for easy access.

Install Android Debug Bridge on the Computer

You will then want to make sure the Android Debug Bridge is installed on your computer. This process will vary depending on the operating system you use.

For Windows, download the relevant ADB installer. Then, follow the setup instructions, making sure to select Y when asked to install the tool system-wide. Select N when asked whether to install device drivers, as they are not necessary.

For Mac, download the relevant ADB installer. Unzip the folder, then open Terminal. Drag the file from the folder to the Terminal. This may prompt you to type your password.

Start the Program on the Computer

Once installed, you should start the tool. On Windows, open Command Prompt. On Mac, open Terminal again.

In either Command Prompt or Terminal, type adb kill-server,then press Enter. Then, type adb start-server followed by Enter. Once that’s done, type adb connect [IP address]. Replace the bracket with the full string of numbers from the Fire TV Stick IP Address. Press Enter.

Disable Firestick Automatic Updates

You have made it to the final step of the process! This only requires you to once again use the Command Prompt or Terminal windows that should still be open on your computer.

  • First, type su, followed by Enter to establish admin access to the Firestick.
  • For OS3 Firesticks, type adb shell pm disable, then Enter.
  • For OS5 Firesticks, type adb shell pm hide, then Enter.

You have now turned off automatic updates on your Fire TV Stick. To reestablish automatic updates, you should redo the final step in the list above but replace hide with unhide. If that doesn’t work, a factory reset on the Firestick will do the trick.

If you encounter any issues with the command to disable automatic updates, try to remove the ‘adb shell’ part. This should eliminate any further problems and allow you to get rid of automatic updates on your device.


While it isn’t as easy as it would be with a built-in setting to turn off automatic updates, anyone can use the workaround. This will allow you to establish full control over the updating process on your Firestick without any impact on its performance. Following these straightforward steps only takes a few minutes.

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