How to Quickly Turn Off Store Mode on Hisense TV (Demo Mode)

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Many smart TVs include a “store mode.” Store mode is a special mode intended to demonstrate a TV’s features while on display in an electronics store. However, if you purchase the display model of a Hisense TV, you may have difficulties taking it out of store mode once you get home. How do you turn off store mode on a Hisense TV?

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Press the Menu button.
  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Select “Device Preferences.”
  • Press “Usage Mode.”
  • Change it to “Home Mode.”

Below, we will discuss how you can quickly turn off store mode on your Hisense TV. Keep reading to learn all the methods of doing so!

How Do I Turn Off Store Mode on My Hisense TV?

Store mode is a feature put in place to display the TV’s quality in an electronics store. Store mode, sometimes called “demo mode,” displays a demo video to highlight the audio and video capabilities.

Hisense’s store mode often includes a video file or image slide show to give you a basic idea of a smart TV’s features. Unfortunately, that is as far as it goes.

To be able to use your Hisense TV to stream videos and access your favorite apps, store mode needs to be turned off.

You can turn off store mode on your Hisense TV using the remote control or the buttons on your TV. Navigate to “Usage Mode” from your Device Preference Settings, then change it from “Store Mode” to “Home Mode.”

What Can I Do on a Hisense TV While in Store Mode?

If you’ve ever visited your local electronics store, you know that they have a range of TVs on display so customers can test their features.

“Store mode” is intended to advertise a Hisense TV’s different features for advertising purposes. For this reason, there is little you can do on a TV while it is in store mode.

While you can assess a TV’s video and audio quality through a range of pre-installed content, you cannot download and stream with different apps on a Hisense TV until you exit store mode.

How to Turn Off Store Mode Using Your Remote

The easiest way to turn off your TV’s store mode is using your remote control. If you haven’t done so already, plug your TV into the power outlet and use the remote control to turn it on.

Once the TV powers on and displays the Hisense store mode, press the “Home” button on the remote control. This will open your home screen, where you can follow the steps below to deactivate store mode and activate home mode.

  • From the home screen, use your remote’s arrow keys to navigate to your settings screen. You may see the word “Settings” on the screen, or it could be represented by a gear icon.
  • Under Settings, select “Device Preferences.”
  • From “Device Preferences,” scroll down and select “Usage Mode.”
  • Find “Retail Mode,” “Store Mode,” or “Demo Mode” and disable it.

Some Hisense TVs require you to change the mode to “Home Mode” before you can exit the screen. If you see this option under “Usage Mode,” enable it.

Now, you can exit out of the settings menu and begin using your Hisense TV in your home.

How to Turn Off Store Mode Without the Remote

If you cannot use your TV’s remote control, you can also turn off store mode using the control buttons on your TV.

Turn on the TV by pressing the power button. This is typically located at the side of the TV’s back panel, but the location could vary depending on your model. 

After turning on the TV, find the “Menu” button on your television. This is usually located on the same panel as the power button. Then, follow the steps below to disable Hisense store mode:

  • Using your TV’s volume up and down buttons to navigate the menu, hover over “Settings” or the gear icon.
  • Use the “Home” button on your TV’s control panel to select “Settings” and open the settings menu.
  • Using the channel up and down buttons, select “Device Preferences.”
  • With the same controls as above, find and select “Usage Mode.”
  • Find “Store Mode,” “Demo Mode,” or “Usage Mode” using the channel up and down buttons, and disable it by pressing the “Home” button.

This should automatically exit your Hisense TV out of store mode. If not, find and select “Home Mode” in the “Usage Mode” menu before exiting the menu.

In Conclusion

“Store mode” is essentially intended to advertise a TV’s features while on display in an electronics store. You cannot download different apps or stream TV shows until you turn store mode off.

Luckily, it’s easy to turn store mode off through your Hisense TV’s settings menu. Once you switch from “Store Mode” to “Home Mode,” you can use all the wonderful features included on your new television.

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