How to Easily Install Apple TV on Your Toshiba TV

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Gone are the days when Toshiba TVs were simply motion display devices. Today, they have become ‘smart’ devices where you can install applications to improve user experience. One such app you can install to improve user experience is the Apple TV. But then, how do you go about this, especially if you are not very familiar with smart Toshiba TVs?

Though installing the Apple TV on your Toshiba TV is pretty straightforward. You, however, need to first determine its operating system. If you don’t know how to do this, you need not worry. In this post, you will get all the information you need to make installing Apple TV on your Toshiba TV a seamless endeavor.  

Installing the App

The Apple TV app can work across multiple operating systems, but the operating system your Toshiba TV is powered by will determine the approach you take. As such, the first thing to do is determine your Toshiba TV OS.

You can easily install Apple TV on your Toshiba TV if you follow the steps for your given model. This is because Apple TV can be attached to several different types of TVs, so the model TV you have determines the steps you must follow.

How to Know Your Toshiba TV Operating System

Getting to know the specific operating system upon which your Toshiba runs isn’t exactly as straightforward as getting to know the OS of your smartphone or laptop.

Nonetheless, here are some tricks to figure out which operating system you have:

  • Check the TV’s box: The cardboard box that bore the TV when you purchased it should contain inscriptions that suggest its operating system. For the FireOS, in particular, you should find the sign, “Fire TV edition.”
  • The TV name can provide a clue: All of Toshiba’s products in the ‘TF’ series run on the Fire OS. as such, if you find ‘TF’ starting the name of your TV, then know it is a Fire TV.
  • Power on the TV: An easier method is to switch on the TV. The first thing that comes up on the Toshiba Fire TV is the caption “Fire TV edition.”
  • Check the remote: You can save yourself lots of effort by looking at the original remote. For the Fire OS, you should see a large button bearing the Amazon “Prime Video” logo. Just as Prime Video, the Fire OS was created by Amazon.

How to Install Apple TV App on Your Toshiba Fire TV

If you’re ready to start installing the Apple TV app on your TV,

  • Launch the Fire TV: Upon switching on the Toshiba Fire TV, you will find the homepage with many applications. Next, navigate your remote to click on the search button, which you’d find in the top-right corner.
  • Locate the Apple TV App: The on-screen keyboard pops up. Operate your remote to enter the search term, ‘apple tv.’ Then, click on the app icon in the search results.
  • Download the App: On the Apple TV app’s page, you will see a giant orange download icon next to the word, ‘Get.’ Click on this and get your app downloaded.
  • Launch the App and Start Using: The ‘Get’ button will transform to ‘Open upon download.’

Getting Apple TV on Your Toshiba Android TV

To get the Apple TV app on your Toshiba TV, you should:

  • Go to the Apps Section: Upon launching your Toshiba Android TV, the homepage will surface with various icons. On the top-left side of the page is the ‘App’ sign. Click on it. In the Apps tab, you will see an array of application icons. Select the ‘Google Play Store’ icon.
  • Search for the Apple TV App: Upon making it into the Google Play Store app, make way to the search icon at the top-right corner, just to the left of the settings symbol. Enter the search term, ‘apple tv.
  • Locate and Download the App: Upon finding the Apple TV app, click on the ‘Install’ button to download the app.
  • Open the App and Start Enjoying Content: Launch your Apple TV after download by clicking on ‘Open.’ All that is left is for you to enter your Apple TV login details and start enjoying video content. Note that Apple TV is subscription-based.

How to Install Apple TV on a Regular Toshiba TV

To install the Apple TV on a regular Toshiba TV, you need to:

  • Power on and Connect the Devices: Connect the power cable to a power outlet so that your Apple TV has enough power when in use. Connect one port of an HDMI cable to the Apple TV box and the other to the port provided at the back of the TV set. Note that you have to get the HDMI port yourself since Apple doesn’t include it in the Apple TV package.
  • Setup the Toshiba TV: Power on the TV, either directly or using the Siri remote included in the package.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to set up the basics, including the Language, Data Privacy, Location, and others. If you have an iPhone, you can automate the setup process by using it instead.
  • Launch the App: Search for the application, launch it and log in. 


Whether or not your Toshiba TV is a smart TV doesn’t prevent you from enjoying Apple TV services. All you need to do is follow the steps to get it up, depending on the category of devices your Toshiba TV model falls into.

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