How to Easily Connect Nest Thermostat with HomeKit

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Apple HomeKit has gained a lot of popularity, and it’s not hard to understand why. The system allows you to control all your best smart home devices as long as they’re compatible. From controlling your locks and lights to keeping your thermostat in check, HomeKit is the gift that keeps on giving. But does it connect with the Nest thermostat?

Unfortunately, Google Nest devices do not natively support HomeKit integration. The only way to connect the Nest thermostat with HomeKit is using either a HomeBridge hub or device. Though it can be done, it most likely won’t be the easiest of processes.

So, if you’re excited to create the perfect smart home by integrating Nest with HomeKit, don’t give up hope just yet. While the two aren’t natively compatible, there are ways to go around it. Use this comprehensive guide to get your devices up and running without any interference.

Does Nest Thermostat Connect with HomeKit?

Most people are interested in connecting Google devices with HomeKit. It makes sense. Google devices are not only top-notch but also offer incredible performance and elevate the smart home experience. 

On the other hand, HomeKit offers unmatched customizability and automation capabilities. Therefore, connecting Google devices and HomeKit takes your smart home experience to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to connect the two without a HomeBridge hub or device since Google Nest devices don’t natively support HomeKit integration. However, Google plans to adopt a new connectivity standard known as Matter that will open up the communication gap between Google-made devices and rival companies.

However, it’s not clear when this new technology will roll out. So, how do you connect your Nest thermostat with HomeKit?

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How to Connect Nest Thermostat with HomeKit

While Google Nest devices don’t natively connect with HomeKit, you can still connect your Nest thermostat to HomeKit using HomeBridge.

Homebridge is a platform that emulates the iOS API to act as a bridge between HomeKit and any other device on the market, including Nest devices. Ideally, using HomeBridge allows your Nest devices to show up on the Home app on the Apple device you’ve set as your home hub.

You can use one of two ways to connect Nest thermostat with Homekit:

  • Set up HomeBridge on a computer that runs 24/7
  • Invest in a HomeBridge hub and let it do all the heavy lifting for you

Most people prefer to buy a HomeBridge hub because setting it up on a computer comes with several challenges. For starters, you’ll have to keep your computer running 24/7, which isn’t advisable. Not to mention, the process includes a lot of technical steps you may not understand if you’re not tech-savvy.

On the other hand, a standalone HomeBridge hub is a set and forget kind of solution. Once you have it up and running, you won’t have to fiddle with it anymore down the line. Besides, it’s relatively easy to set up and doesn’t include a lot of technical steps.

All you have to do is connect the hub to your router, log in, and let it do the rest. Once you’ve done this, all your Nest devices will show up on the Home app.

Setting Up HomeBridge on a Computer

If you don’t mind the technical stuff or having your computer running 24/7, you can set up HomeBridge on your device and control Nest devices effortlessly. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

To set it up:

  1. Download and Install Node.js using the Mature and Dependable package
  2. Download config.json, save and edit the file with your favorite text editor to include your Nest username and password.
  3. Open Terminal and type the following two commands (you will be asked to validate your admin password):
  1. sudo npm install -g homebridge
  2. sudo npm install -g homebridge-nest
  3. Homebridge
  4. You will get an error on the last command; that is okay.
  5. Open Finder → Go → Go to Folder… and paste the following and click Go: 


  1. Drag the config.json file from your desktop into the .homebridge folder
  2. Open Terminal and type the following command again:  homebridge
  3. Download Devices from the App Store. It’s a free app that allows you to manage HomeKit devices.
  4. Launch Devices, allow access to your Home Data, tap Edit → Create New Room → tap HomeBridge under the Add New Devices heading, and tap Add Anyway. If you already have a room configured, you can select that room instead and add Homebridge to that room.
  5. You will now be asked to enter your 8-digit accessory setup code. Tap Enter code manually, and type 987-65-432.

Once you’ve successfully entered the code, you should see the Nest thermostat. Click the save button to save the configuration.

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Wrapping Up

HomeBridge is the sure way of connecting Nest devices with HomeKit. Whether you decide to set it up on your computer or use the hub, you’re guaranteed seamless integration between these two systems. So follow this comprehensive guide and take your smart home experience to the next level.

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