How to Connect to Public WiFi On iPhone

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WiFi has truly become an essential aspect of our daily lives; we use it constantly, whether at home, out at a restaurant, in an airport, or even in your local park. It’s important to note that there are basically two types of WiFi: public and password protected. To use public WiFi, you will need to know how to connect your iPhone, as it is a little different than connecting to a home router, here’s what you need to know!

To connect to public WiFi on an iPhone, simply turn on the WiFi option, then click the name of the public network, and proceed to log in as instructed on the browser. 

Although the process is pretty simple, some problems can occur. In this article, we are going to give extremely detailed instructions in case you have any hiccups, and also go through the solutions that may help with any possible issues.

How to Connect to Public WiFi on an iPhone

Sometimes even the seemingly simplest directions can get a little confusing, especially when it comes to technology. So let’s break down exactly how you can connect to public WiFi on an iPhone! 

  • Select SETTINGS, then WiFi Network.
  • Click the name of the network you wish to join. 
  • A login page should appear within a few moments on your screen.
  • If it doesn’t, you can click the small circular icon with an “i” inside to bring it up. 

That should do it! However, there is a chance you could encounter a few problems, but we are going to go through them all in the next section!

What if I Cannot Connect to Public WiFi on my iPhone?

We have compiled a list of the most common issues iPhone users face trying to connect to a public wireless network. You may have suffered from some of these problems in the past, and now you will know why they are happening and how to fix them! 

The WiFi is Out of Range

Sometimes a WiFi network name will appear on your list of available options, however, when you go to click the name, it disappears or will not prompt you to log in. 

If this happens to you, it’s most likely that the router or modem is simply too far away to actually connect. In regards to connecting the public WiFi, you most likely will not know where the router is, which makes it quite challenging to move you and your iPhone closer to the source. 

Often there are signs in a public space that are advertising the public WiFi, hanging out near the sign just might do the trick!

The Login Page Won’t Load

One of the most common problems when it comes to using public WiFi is that the login page won’t load, and unfortunately, it is not a problem with you or your iPhone that you can easily fix. 

The only option is to try to be patient! As you know now, if it does not automatically load, there should be a little “i” for information icon on the network name under your WiFi settings. You should click the icon, and then wait! Do not try to load other pages in the meantime but simply allow your screen to fully load the sign-in page. 

You Have Run Out of Free WiFi

Quite a few public networks only allow for a certain time spent connected or even gigabytes used before kicking you off. To most users’ frustration, there is no warning or even an alert that lets you know you it’s turning off. 

So while you are browsing, watching Netflix, or scrolling Instagram, the network will simply disconnect out of nowhere and even though it still looks available, it will not let you connect again. 

You May Need to Reset Your WiFi Settings

There is one trick that may help if you simply cannot connect to public WiFi on your iPhone and you have no idea why. 

The oldest trick in the book: the restart! Now the easiest way to do so is to simply turn off your iPhone and then turn it back on. Here’s how to force a restart:

If that doesn’t work, you may need to reset the WiFi settings themselves. 

  • Select SETTINGS.
  • Tap GENERAL.
  • Select RESET.

While this will probably work, you should know that this will also clear all your saved WiFi networks. So next time you go to your favorite cafe or even back to your house, you will need to reenter the passwords. 

Final Thoughts

Connecting to public WiFi on your iPhone should work fairly similarly to when you connect to your home network, however, the pesky log-in page can give you trouble. 

The good news is, you know how to connect, and also how to fix any potential problems so you can start enjoying public WiFi everywhere you go!

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