How Many Years Are Covered Under Warranty For A Hisense TV?

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When you buy a new TV, there’s always that worry it may break. When it does break we have no idea where the warranty is! What if the warranty doesn’t cover it, and is the warranty even valid? Before you panic and go hunting for the box your TV came in, let’s see if we can find out how many years are covered under warranty for a Hisense TV! 

The warranty period for all Hisense Smart TV models is one year from the date the TV was purchased. This warranty does not include TV accessories, as these devices offer a separate warranty. One also should determine the exact conditions of all warranties, guarantees, or special offers before claiming them.  

Now that we know how long a Hisense TV is covered under warranty, what does the warranty cover? Spoiler alert, it’s time to go get the box, but don’t panic. We’ve got you covered, so let’s get more information about your warranty, and what you need to do to claim it!

How Your Hisense Warranty Works

The average lifetime for a Hisense TV is between 5-10 years. To improve the longevity of your TV, it is important to address damages to your new TV while your warranty is valid. Please note that any loss of personal data, inability to use paid subscription services or damage to third-party devices like soundbars or speakers won’t be covered by your Hisense warranty. 

 First, you will need to determine whether the damage to your TV is covered. For the official Hisense Warranty Agreement in its entirety, we included the link here. This section is intended for use as an overview of the warranties for Hisense TV and TV Accessories. For more detailed information, please consult the full warranty or contact Hisense Customer Service.

Warranty Conditions And Limitations

Both warranties are subject to the same terms regarding conditions and limitations. We have provided an overview of these for you below: 

Basic Terms And Conditions: 

  • Hisense must return a repaired device that is free from damage or defects.
  • If repairs are not possible, Hisense must provide a like-new or refurbished product of similar or higher quality.   
  • Damages caused by shipping, improper delivery, improper installation, or accidental damage before delivery are not covered
  • Damages caused by failure to use the device as intended by the User Manual or Product Documentation
  • Damages caused through the abuse, negligence, or tampering with the device are not covered
  • Damages caused by attempts to repair the device by any individual not specifically authorized to do so by Hisense
  • Cosmetic damage to the exterior or surfaces from cleaning agents, shipping, or normal wear and tear is not covered
  • Damage caused by external conditions such as weather, improper voltage or power outage, spills, or acts of God
  • Devices used for rental, commercial, or business purposes are not covered

Hisense Smart TV One-Year Warranty

All LCD and LED TVs are covered for a period of up to one year for parts and labor. All replacement products and parts are covered for the remainder of the warranty, or up to 90 days, depending on which is longer.

90-Day Warranty For Hisense TV Accessories 

All accessories, including but not limited to 3D Glasses, Stands, and Remote Controls, are covered for a period of up to 90 days for parts and labor.

About Claiming Your Warranty

To make a claim, there are specific requirements that must be met to do so. Please note that these requirements may differ depending on the country or U.S. state you live in. There may be additional requirements or conditions in your specific area, and we recommend that you consult the Users Manual and the Warranty Agreement for your device before claiming your warranty.  

Requirements Needed To Make A Claim

  • All devices must be returned in their original packaging for repairs or replacement. Items damaged due to inadequate packaging void the warranty. 
  • You must present the original receipt for the product 
  • The product must be purchased from an approved retailer
  • The product must have intact Model, Factory, and Serial numbers that have not been tampered with, altered, or removed. 


See, we told you there was no reason to panic! When your smart devices break, it can be stressful when you’re trying to figure out how to get them fixed. When it’s your TV, that stress is amplified by how much money you’ve invested and it can feel overwhelming. 

In this article, we got the answer to the initial question of how many years are covered under warranty for a Hisense TV, as well as the guidelines for what your warranty covers and what requirements you need to meet to make a claim. You will need to go get that box though!

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