How Many Watts and Amps Does a Sharp TV Use?

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As smart televisions become more and more central to everyone’s media, the amount of power consumption is something people need to start considering. Sharp not only makes some of the better displays you can buy, but they also can stay energy efficient.

In general, a Sharp TV will not use more than 400 watts or one amp. There are many variables to the amount of power a television will draw over time, but this article will break it down to make it as simple as possible to figure out.

Sharp produces a wide range of televisions in many different sizes. Therefore, we can only give general power consumption numbers, but it should be sufficient information to make an educated decision based on your needs.

What Does Wattage Usage Mean on a TV?

The amount of wattage a TV uses is directly proportional to the size of the display. Basically, the bigger the screen, the more capacity, and more potential for energy usage. Furthermore, the amount of time the screen stays on is also a factor when measuring wattage use. For reference, most televisions do not use more than 400 watts during normal operation.

Another aspect to consider is screen type. Sharp produces LCD, LED, and OLED screens that consume different amounts of power. Generally speaking, OLED screens use the least amount of power while still providing the best picture quality.

Also, the level of screen brightness affects the amount of watts used on a television. The brighter the settings, the more wattage used. An example of this would be the demo mode that stores use on the display models. There is more ambient light for the screen to compete with, and therefore the screen itself has to be extremely bright and inefficient.

Wattage usage also goes up depending on the number of ancillary features a television has, also. Sharp produces televisions with Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi modems, and even hard drives. All of these use various amounts of power and affect the amperage used.

How Many Amps Does a Sharp TV Use?

Generally speaking, a standard Sharp TV will draw about 1 ampere, not including what the screen will use. But this figure is also dependent on the screen size. A larger screen will use much more amperage. To calculate amps, you have to divide the number of watts by the voltage used by the display.

Let us go back to the amount of wattage used. If you think about how many watts the display uses, a higher number of watts will automatically be a higher number of amps. They are directly related to each other.

As you can see, it is not complicated to figure out energy usage, but it does have a few variables. The absolute easiest way to know these factors is to use the yellow energy guide sticker that comes on every electrical appliance. It gives an accurate amount of energy used over the course of a year based on the specifications of the device.

What Can I Do to Reduce Energy Usage?

Television companies have implemented various ways to reduce energy usage in their devices. As you can probably see from the previous section regarding display usage, it is one of the components that draw the most power for a television. Therefore, most energy-saving methods will have something to do with the display.

Sharp has a setting in their devices called Super Eco Mode. It reduces the amount of power used by the device by up to 50% when compared to the device in standard mode. It achieves this by reducing the screen’s brightness and turning off some of the ancillary components that are not being used at that point.

So, what can you do if your Sharp television does not have this feature? Going back to the wattage use section, you can see some of the things you can do on your own to lower energy usage. Turning the screen brightness down would be the most effective way to reduce usage while the device is on.

Although it may seem like common sense but turning the screen off when you are not actively watching would save a substantial amount of power since the devices use almost no power at all in standby. Keeping everything in mind, you could use your Sharp television for 5 hours a day in standard mode, and it would only cost you approximately $17 per year to run. Not too bad!


Sharp produces some of the more energy-efficient televisions you can buy today. Learning how the components used to contribute to energy usage will make you a much more educated consumer. It could even lower your monthly energy bill.

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