How Long Can You Go Without Paying Your Xfinity Bill?

Counting bills in handCounting bills in hand

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Although we all strive to pay our bills on time, emergencies and financial hardships can make it difficult. Using your Xfinity services when your bills are past their due date can make you anxious, especially if you don’t know the financial implications. So, you need to find the answer to one question: how long can you go without paying your Xfinity bill?

Xfinity has a grace period of two weeks for overdue payments. Failure to pay after this period will cause a service interruption. However, you can contact Xfinity customer service to negotiate and set up an extension or repayment plan to avoid this outcome.

Being behind on payments can be a bit of a downer, especially when you face unprecedented financial hiccups. But there is always a satisfactory workaround for faithful customers. Keep reading to learn more!

How Long Can You Go Without Paying Your Xfinity Bill?

If you forget to or cannot pay your Xfinity bill on the due date, the company will charge you a $10 late fee. After that, they offer a two-week grace period for the payment to be made.

After these two weeks, Xfinity may limit or disconnect your service entirely. If this happens, you must set up a new account and pay any outstanding fees before restoring your service, including the late fee and reactivation charges.

Note that it will take 2-3 days before Xfinity fully restores your services. After that, you can resume using your services to watch TV, stream Netflix, and more.

Does Xfinity Offer Payment Extensions?

If you already know you will not be able to make your Xfinity payment on the due date, you have the option to set up an installment plan or change your payment due date. This will allow you to pay your bill in smaller amounts over time.

How to Set Up an Xfinity Installment Plan

You will need to contact an Xfinity representative to set up a payment installment plan through the Xfinity My Account App or by calling Xfinity customer service. In order to complete the sign-up process, you’ll have to settle $50 off your overdue balance first. Proceed with the following steps to set up the installment plan:

  • Log in to your Xfinity My Account app and look for a message on flexible payments on the homepage.
  • Select “Chat.”
  • Click on “I’d like to see my payment options.”
  • Select “Installment Plan.”
  • Click “I’d like to sign up.” If you want to make the $50 payment, hit “Sign Up.”
  • On the installment plan page, enter the $50 minimum payment or a higher amount if possible.
  • Review the terms of your plan and choose a payment method.
  • Click on “Submit Payment.”

Once the setup is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. Afterward, you can chat with the Xfinity Assistant on the app’s homepage to check for further updates.

How to Change Your Due Date

Another way of avoiding late payment is by scheduling a new due date for your account. This arrangement lets you extend your due date by scheduling a new payment timeframe. To do this, follow these quick steps:

  • Log into your Xfinity My Account App.
  • Select “Billing.”
  • Select “Bill and Payment Settings.”
  • Click on “Schedule a Payment.”
  • Go to “Payment Date” and change your due date.

You will have no worries if you keep to the schedule. But, you may want to call customer service for more information about this method. This is because it was enforced during the pandemic as a relief initiative and might not have much effect unless negotiated.

Does the Installment Plan Apply to Xfinity Mobile Deferred Bills?

If you are behind on your mobile phone bills, a special Repayment Plan is available to help you pay the outstanding balance while actively using your Xfinity mobile service. To set up the plan, call Xfinity’s hotline so a representative can walk you through the process.

After this, you will receive an authentication email. But, before you proceed with this action, you must know a few details.

  • The card you have on file must be up to fate.
  • You will not be eligible if you have a history of missing payments or payment evasion on a previous repayment plan.
  • If you miss a payment in the plan, you’ll be granted a grace period of four days to make a one-time payment in My Account. Your Xfinity service will be disconnected if you don’t pay within the grace period.

You can be assured of continued Xfinity service with all the available avenues. Reach customer care for more possible ways to manage your overdue balance.


Customers behind on their Xfinity payment bills have two weeks to make the necessary payments before their services are interrupted. If you already know you cannot make your monthly payment, think ahead by scheduling a new due date or settling for an installment or repayment plan to pay off the outstanding balance.

Xfinity is very intentional with customer satisfaction, allowing for further negotiations in cases of accumulated bills. Contact them online or call customer service to arrive at a favorable arrangement.

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