How Can I Download Anime Episodes On My iPhone?


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Anime has become increasingly popular in the United States. This means that there are more ways than ever to download or stream your favorite anime shows or download those that have just been released. So how can you download anime episodes onto your iPhone?

With so many different streaming applications you can have on your iPhone, there are so many ways you can download your favorite anime shows. Before, you were limited, but now many companies like Netflix and Crunchyroll give you anime access.

There are many other applications that you can download onto your phone and what you need to do. Here is everything you need to know to help you have the best experience when you 

How Can I Download Anime Episodes On My iPhone?

There are many places you can download anime episodes and even movies. You don’t have to search for an online site anymore that may or may not have your shows or watch the shows in parts on YouTube anymore. 

All you have to do now is download an application on your iPhone. Here are the applications that will give you access to downloadable content:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu
  • Apple TV

If you want to watch on a bigger screen, you can also download to your iPad or Airplay onto your smart TV.


Crunchyroll is one of the main sources for getting all the downloadable content for your anime interests. It has shows and movies. You can find some of the classics and many new releases that you may not find anywhere else.

Their main competition had been Funimation, but with Funimation now merging into Crunchyroll, you will find most anime content at this location. So if you were trying to decide between the two, Crunchyroll is the one you want to pick, but there hasn’t been word if the Funimation app will still have its content or if it will move to Crunchyroll.

The great thing about this application is that you can watch many shows for free, but you will have to deal with advertisements. You also can’t access all anime shows or download the episodes. That comes with a subscription.

Crunchyroll offers many different subscription tiers with tons of benefits besides having anime available to download on your phone for offline viewing.

Netflix Streaming

Netflix has become a great location to find anime shows and movies. It has many fan favorites and has been producing some great series. You can download episodes or the entire series within the application.

If you have just started investing in anime, Netflix is a great streaming application to start with. It has a variety of anime and many of those that people rave about. You won’t be disappointed.

Amazon Prime

When you sign up with Amazon Prime, you get a collection of anime shows, but only a limited amount is free on Prime. You can download these within the application to watch them later or when you don’t have service or Wi-Fi.

The great thing about Amazon Prime that some of the other subscriptions don’t offer is purchasing or renting anime series. You can purchase series that may not be available on other streaming services and save them to your device.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a fairly new streaming service that provides an ad-free experience mirroring the original YouTube. There may not be as many options as the previous subscriptions described with it being new.

With this application, you can purchase or rent anime series. There are download capabilities to have it on your phone even without an internet connection.


Hulu has a great selection of anime series that you can download with a subscription. It has many popular, more recently released animes. It still has its limits and doesn’t have as much variety as some previous applications suggested.

Apple TV

Apple has released its application in the last several years and slowly expanded its shows and movies selection. It does offer up many anime series with the capability to be downloaded within the application.

But because they are new, they do not have the variety or the selection that many other applications have. You can purchase many series, but there aren’t as many offered free with the subscription.

Where Can I Get Anime For Free?

If you are solely looking for anime episodes, you can download them to your phone, and you won’t get that for free. The download feature is only available with subscriptions across all applications.

If you are looking for free streaming abilities, there will be advertisements that you have to sit through. Although Crunchyroll is probably the better option, Crunchyroll and YouTube offer free access to anime series and movies. 

Many anime episodes are uploaded illegally on YouTube and so what normally happens is that YouTube will take down the video. Crunchyroll provides free access without legal issues, and the commercials aren’t too disrupting.


Finding anime series to download has become easier than ever! You don’t have to search on shady websites just to find something to watch. You can now watch them straight from streaming applications and even download them so you can watch the shows later!

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