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Eufy Camera Unable To Connect To HomeBase – Troubleshooting

Last Updated Jun 19, 2022
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Eufy cameras are one of the many wonderful home security devices that help people feel safer in and outside of their homes. They have special indoor and outdoor cameras with high resolution and even pet cameras that can feed treats to your pup! Eufy cameras are extremely reliable, but there may be some problems the cameras can have to connect to the HomeBase.

If you have difficulties connecting a Eufy camera to the HomeBase, there are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot the issue. Many of them are connections that already exist in your home. Other problems may be with the camera itself.

Eufy cameras have many functions, and that’s why their owners love them so much. From being solar-powered for outdoor cameras to making sure your baby is safe and cozy in their bedrooms on a Eufy baby monitor, Eufy cameras are a favorite. Regardless of the camera or purpose, there are times it won’t connect to the HomeBase.

Reasons Why a Eufy Camera is Unable to Connect to HomeBase

No matter how wonderful a camera is, there will always be some technical issues that can happen to prevent them from working properly. One of the issues with the Eufy cameras is that they will have difficulties connecting to the HomeBase. Here are some of the possible reasons that a Eufy camera won’t connect to the HomeBase:

  • The HomeBase doesn’t have power
  • The HomeBase isn’t connected to the internet
  • Your smartphone isn’t connected to the internet
  • Firewall issues
  • The camera battery is dead or other camera issues

HomeBase Doesn’t Have Power

One of the first things you should check if your Eufy camera is unable to connect to the HomeBase is if it has power. To do this, make sure you use the 12V/2A power adapter that came with the HomeBase and plug it into the HomeBase and a power source.

The LED light on the HomeBase should turn red if it is connected to a power source but not connected to the internet. If it is connected to the internet, it will turn green.

HomeBase Isn’t Connected to the Internet

The next issue to solve if your Eufy camera is unable to connect to the HomeBase is that it isn’t connected to an internet source. To do this, you must connect the HomeBase to your internet router. 

Your Eufy HomeBase comes with an ethernet cord. You must plug the ethernet cord into the HomeBase and then into the internet router for your home. Once it is connected, it should turn green.

Smartphone Isn’t Connected to the Internet

Another potential reason your Eufy camera isn’t connecting to the HomeBase is that your smartphone isn’t connected to the internet. Make sure it’s connected not only to the internet or your data plan but the same WiFi that the HomeBase is plugged into.

You also need to ensure that you have an updated version of the Eufy security app running on your phone.

Firewall Issues

If your Eufy camera still isn’t connecting to the HomeBase, there could be some firewall issues with your router. To allow a Eufy camera to access the internet through the router, you must disable the firewall. To do this, you have to open your router’s settings and manually disable them. 

Another thing you can do here is to make sure that DHCP is enabled on the router and that TCP port 443 and 80 and UDP port 0~65535 are enabled on the router as well.

A third step you can do here is to restart your router if it still isn’t connecting.

Camera Issues

Another issue that can happen when connecting a Eufy camera to the HomeBase is with the camera itself. 

Camera Battery

When you try to connect a Eufy camera to the HomeBase, you should hear a beep when trying to connect. If you don’t hear a beep, then the battery on the camera is likely dead. All you have to do here is charge the camera and try to connect again.

Camera Distance

If the battery on the camera is charged, it may be too far away from the HomeBase while trying to pair. The camera should be within one meter of the HomeBase to pair.

Camera Compatibility

Some Eufy cameras don’t pair with the Eufy HomeBase. One camera that doesn’t pair with the Eufy HomeBase is the floodlight camera. The floodlight camera will connect to the WiFi, but it won’t connect to the HomeBase. Consult your camera’s guide to ensure it will connect to the HomeBase.

After going through this list of possible reasons your Eufy camera isn’t connecting to the HomeBase, you can always contact Eufy customer support. They are known to have a wonderful lifetime 24/7 customer support system with a “hassle-free” warranty.


Eufy cameras are wonderful for anyone’s home security needs. An issue that can occur with any Eufy camera is that it won’t connect to the HomeBase. After going through some of the reasons why it won’t connect, you can always go to customer support for further assistance.

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