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How Far Can a Eufy Doorbell Be from the Router?

Last Updated Mar 8, 2022
A router sitting on a table inside of a living room.

You want your Eufy Doorbell to work as efficiently as possible, which involves having it within the router’s range. The closer your Eufy Doorbell to the router, the stronger its internet connection will be. The farther your doorbell, well, the weaker the signal. So how far can a Eufy Doorbell be from your router?

You can generally have your Eufy Doorbell within 300 feet of the router. By adding a Wi-Fi extender, you can place your doorbell even farther away from the router.

With so much range, you may be wondering where exactly is the best spot for your Eufy Doorbell and router. But, the best location for your device depends on your router, your home’s layout, and other factors. Continue reading to learn more.

How Far Can the Eufy Doorbell Be from a Router?

The Eufy Doorbell’s Wi-Fi chip must be within 300 feet of your router.

However, you ideally want your Eufy Doorbell as close to the router as possible. The closer the device to the router, the better the signal. If your device is too far away from the router, you may experience:

  • Delayed notifications
  • Lagging video
  • Grainy videos or distorted sound
  • Long loading times
  • The inability to view old recordings or live footage

What Happens if a 300-Foot Range Isn’t possible?

If you have a large property, placing your doorbell within a 300-foot range may not be possible. However, you can extend your device’s range by purchasing a Wi-Fi extender. True to its name, a Wi-Fi extender “extends” your router’s signal. These devices are all good options:

  • NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX6120 – This boosts your Wi-Fi signal up to 1,500 square feet from the source. It also produces 1,200 Mbps of internet strength, which is more than enough to connect your device.
  • TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Extender – This is the lowest-cost option on this list. It boosts your Wi-Fi signal up to 800 square feet, and it works with Amazon’s Firestick, Google Chromecast, and other smart home devices.
  • TP-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi Extender – This is a perfect option if you work from home. It can connect over 30 devices to the internet and boosts your router’s signal by 2,800 square feet.

How Can I Get the Best Possible Connection?

Having a 300-foot Wi-Fi range is pretty generous. That’s basically the same length as a 30-story building. But, ideally, you should have your doorbell as close to the router as possible. You might experiment with different positions until you find the right one.

Ideal places to put your router include:

Away from Any Obstructions

You want a clear path from your router to the Eufy Doorbell. Walls, doors, and furniture can impede an otherwise strong signal. You may consider rearranging your furniture or trying out multiple locations for your camera. Doing so can ensure a solid signal.

Away from Your Other Smart Home Devices

Routers can only handle a certain amount of devices. If you have your router surrounded by your smart home assistant, TV, and computer, you’ll get inconsistent connections. That’s because these devices weaken the router’s bandwidth––or how many devices it can connect to the internet.

On an Elevated Surface

CNET notes that routers work best on elevated surfaces since routers send signals downward. You may consider placing your router on a shelf or cabinet in a centrally-located place, like your living room.

If your router comes with antennas, you should extend those devices in opposing directions. That way, the signal can reach multiple areas.

Away from “Dead Zones”

Your home might have “dead zones,” meaning that your Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach certain areas. This can prevent a steady connection, even if your Eufy Doorbell’s within 300 feet of the router.

You should download NetSpot. It’s an app that lets you map out where your Wi-Fi signal is the strongest. This will help you identify the best possible place for your router. You can learn more by visiting its website

Final Thoughts

In short, you can have your Eufy Doorbell 300 feet away from the router. However, for the best possible results, remove any obstructions, check your signal’s strength, and keep your app updated.

To learn more about your device, check your user manual.