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Easily Connect Beats Studio Buds To Windows PC In 8 Steps

Last Updated Jun 25, 2022
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Beats Studio Buds are compact, easy-to-use earbuds that quick charge in an included Smart Case. They are compatible with iOS and Android devices, but not everyone will use them with their mobile devices or tablets. Sometimes you want to use your earbuds with your Windows PC. These instructions will make that a breeze.

The most important factor in using Beats Studio Buds with your Windows PC is that your Windows device has Bluetooth. The Bluetooth antenna is the only way for the Beats Studio Buds to work with a Windows PC. They have no other method of connecting wirelessly to your laptop or desktop computer.

Connecting Beats Studio Buds to a Windows PC

Connecting your Beats Studio Buds to a Windows PC can be done quite quickly as long as you have a Bluetooth antenna on your Windows PC.

  1. Open Smart Case
  2. Hold down pair button
  3. Press Windows Key
  4. Click Devices and select Bluetooth & Other Devices
  5. Toggle Bluetooth to the ON position
  6. Click the Plus icon next to Add Bluetooth or Other Device
  7. Click Bluetooth in the Add A Device window
  8. Select your Beats Studio Buds from the list

After following these steps, your Beats Studio Buds should be connected to your PC. If you have trouble at any point, keep reading to learn how to do each of these steps in detail.

Connect Beats Studio Buds to Windows PC

Windows 10 is the version most of these instructions will be using specifically, as it is the one most people trying to connect Beats Studio Buds are using currently. Still, the instructions should be similar with a little searching using any version of Windows that has Bluetooth capability.

  1. Open the Smart Case lid to your Beats Studio Buds – The Smart Case is the charging carrying case that the Beats Studio Buds come with
  2. Hold Down the button located between the two earbuds for 10 seconds or until the LED indicator light flashes – Your Beats Studio Buds are now in Pair Mode.
  3. On your Windows computer, press the Windows Logo Key and the I key simultaneously.
  4. Click Devices, then select Bluetooth & other devices 
  5. Toggle the Bluetooth t to the ON position
  6. Click the Plus icon where it says Add Bluetooth or another device
  7. In the Add A Device pop-up window, click Bluetooth
  8. Select your Beats Studio Buds from the list of available Bluetooth devices 

Your Beats Studio Buds should now be connected. If there are any other instructions after the last step above, they should just be a basic setup, and you can just click through as your Beats Studio Buds headphones should now be working.

You can connect your Beats Studio Buds with many other products too, such as Hisense TVs.

Troubleshooting Problems Connecting to Windows PC

If you are having problems connecting to your Windows PC, you can follow a few simple troubleshooting steps that will help solve most of the common problems people have when setting up the Beats Studio Buds with their Windows PCs. 

How to Tell if Your Windows PC has Bluetooth

A very important requirement for using these headphones is your computer has Bluetooth. Here is an easy way to quickly find out if you have a Bluetooth antenna installed on your Windows PC.

  • Right-click the Start Button in the lower-left corner of your desktop on your Taskbar.
  • Select Device Manager
  • Locate Bluetooth in the list. The Bluetooth option might also be located under the Network Adapters option.
  • Click the arrow to the left of any entry to expand the list 
  • If you see an entry for Bluetooth in the main list or the Network Adapters list, you have Bluetooth
  • If you don’t see Bluetooth in the main list or the Network Adapters list, you do not have Bluetooth 

If you don’t have Bluetooth on your PC, you can easily purchase an antenna and install it.

Make Sure Your Bluetooth is Enabled in Device Manager

  • Right-click the Start Button in the lower-left corner of your desktop on your Taskbar
  • Select Device Manager
  • Locate Bluetooth in the list
  • Right-click on the Bluetooth entry
  • Click the arrow to the left of the Bluetooth entry to expand the list
  • Click Enable Device on your Beats Studio Buds

Disconnect Your Beats Studio Buds From all Other Devices

If you find that you have Bluetooth, your Beats are in pairing mode, and you still aren’t finding the Beats Studio Buds in the available devices list, they might still be connected to another device. Try disconnecting all devices from the headphones first before trying again. 

If that doesn’t work, turn off Bluetooth on all of the devices the Beats Studio Buds headphones have connected to before pairing with a Windows PC.

Make Sure Your Beats Studio Buds are Going Into Pairing Mode

Don’t just hold the button for a long time and hope for the best. Ensure the LED indicator light on the Beats Studio Buds Smart Case is blinking. This indicates that the Beats Studio Buds are in pairing mode

If the lights never blink, try holding down the button and attempting to pair with the Windows PC increasing the interval you hold down the pairing button by 5 seconds each time. If you hold the button down for more than 20 or 30 seconds, it might be time to try something else.

If All Else Fails, Update Windows

You should always keep your Windows up to date for security purposes, but if you haven’t checked in a while and your updates are set to manual, now would be the time to check. It’s possible there was a quality of life or driver update for your Bluetooth antenna, which is why it isn’t working.

In Conclusion

After each of these troubleshooting steps, it is important to attempt the main steps of pairing your Beats Studio Buds with your Windows PC to test to see if the problem was solved. These instructions should solve most but the most unlucky outlier problems. Good luck.

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