Does Toshiba TV Have Chromecast? Tips On How to Use It!

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Chromecast from Google enables you to use Google Home, mirror your smartphone or tablet, and stream media to your TV screen. When your smart TV has Chromecast, your phone is your remote, allowing you to control it from anywhere in the house. Additionally, texts and phone calls do not interrupt your streaming.

A wide range of Toshiba TVs have a built-in Chromecast which allows users to stream media from their phone to the TV through Google Home. Alternatively, a Chromecast plug-in device can be used for TVs that do not have built-in Chromecast but enjoy the same benefits.

Chromecast and Google Home make it easy to use your smartphone as a remote and control your TV from anywhere in the house. Read on to find out how you can set up your TV with Chromecast built-in and tips to fix it if it is not working.

What Do You Need to Set Up Chromecast on Your Toshiba TV?

If you have a TV with Chromecast built-in, you can easily set it up and use Google Home to control it. Additionally, you get access to over one thousand Chromecast-enabled apps, TV shows, and movies.  

To set up your Toshiba TV, you need the following materials:

  • An available power outlet or USB port on your TV
  • Access to a Wi-Fi network
  • A compatible Android phone or tablet, or iOS phone or tablet

You should ensure that the Android phone or tablet is Android 5.0 or higher and the iOS phone or tablet is iOS 11.0 or higher. In addition, ensure that your TV and phone connect to the same secure Wi-Fi network.

How to Set up Your Toshiba Chromecast TV on an Android Phone or Tablet

To set up your Chromecast on your Google Home app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the Google Home app on your supported iOS phone or tablet or Android phone or tablet.
  2. Open the Google Home app and sign in to your account.
  3. Follow the steps on your Google Home app to set up your TV.
  4. When using an iOS device, we highly recommend that you turn on your Bluetooth to improve the setup process.
  5. If you do not want to use Bluetooth to set up your TV, click on “No Thanks” and connect to the Wi-Fi network that matches your Toshiba TV.
  6. If you do not find the steps on your Google Home app, open the home page. On the top left corner, click “Add,” then set up the device and select the new device.
  7. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the setup.

Now that you know how to set up your Chromecast, read on to learn about how to fix errors that may arise.

Let’s move on to how you can fix Chromecast when it isn’t working on your Toshiba TV.

How to Fix Chromecast on Toshiba TV?

If the Chromecast on your Toshiba TV is not working, you cannot use your phone to stream media.

Here are a few tips you can use to fix this issue quickly:

  • Restart your TV: If you cannot find your Chromecast Toshiba TV on the Google Home app, the first thing you can try is to power off the TV and turn it back on. Cut off the power supply by switching it off and unplugging it from the socket. Wait for 30 seconds before turning the TV back on.
  • Update or reinstall your Google Home app: In some instances, the Google Home app needs to be updated to enhance efficiency and fix the issue. Check for any pending updates and update the app. If the issue is unresolved, uninstall then reinstall the app.
  • Reset your TV: You can reset your TV if all the other ways do not work. However, keep in mind that you will lose all the data and settings saved on the TV. Scroll to the menu button, select settings, set up, then reset tv. Alternatively, click on the setup button, select installation then reset the TV.

It is frustrating not to find your Toshiba TV Chromecast listed on your home app. While there is no solution to fix errors with Chromecast not working, you can restart or reset your TV to try and fix it. Alternatively, you can update your Google Home app to the latest version or delete then reinstall it.


Toshiba TVs have the Chromecast built-in feature, which allows you to use your phone as a remote and stream media from your phone. You can easily set up Chromecast using the Google Home app on your Android or iOS devices. If you have challenges using Chromecast, you can restart your TV, update or reinstall your app or reset your TV to resolve the issue.

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