Where Is The Power Button On FireStick Lite?

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The Amazon FireStick Lite is a powerhouse stream machine in a small form factor. The device itself is just a black rectangle with an HDMI and power cord coming out of it. It can be difficult when the device starts acting up, and suddenly you find yourself needing to perform a reset. And when you reset, you turn the power off, but where is the power button on the FireStick Lite?

The Amazon FireStick Lite doesn’t have a power button. The only way to turn the Amazon FireStick Lite off completely is by either resetting it (in which case it will come right back on) or unplugging the power if you need it to stay off. 

Modern electronics often get bugs in the machines, and the easiest way to get rid of them is to perform the infamous IT adage of turning it off and on again. It will fix most technological problems, truthfully. But what do you do when the device doesn’t have a power button? Pulling the power might be overkill or a step too far. You might be able just to reset it.

Where is the Power Button on the FireStick Lite?

The beauty of a reset on a FireStick Lite is Amazon has provided multiple ways to get the job done. So, if one doesn’t work for you, one of the others probably will. The three ways are to go through the menu, use the remote shortcut commands, or pull the power. Whichever way you choose to reset it, it all has the same result.

There is no power button on the Amazon FireStick Lite, but there are multiple ways to reset the FireStick Lite, which will cause the FireStick to turn off and back on if you need to power cycle it. It’s also possible to factory reset. Pulling the power completely is the only way to turn it off.

There are numerous reasons your FireStick Lite might need to reset, such as an app acting up. Not having a power button can be frustrating, but since Amazon has made three different ways to reset the device, it can make it much easier than many other modern tech devices. You’ll be back to watching TV in no time!

Resetting Your Amazon FireStick Lite

When you hit the power button on your FireStick Lite remote, it doesn’t turn off the FireStick Lite but puts it into Sleep Mode

The same goes for if you ask Alexa to turn your FireStick off. She will still put it into Sleep Mode so that she can listen for more commands. The only way to have it go off and come back on is to do a reset.

All of these methods yield the same results and the same reset. The only difference is methodology. It is all the user’s preference in which way they want to go about it.

Using the Reset Option in the Menu

You can reset the FireStick Lite from within the options in the menu. 

  1. Go to the Home Screen 
  2. Scroll over to and click the Menu Cog to the right
  3. Go down to My Fire TV
  4. Click Restart

Your Firestick Lite should now restart. You will see the screen go black, and the Fire logo will reappear. Then your Home screen should come back.

Using the Remote Control Shortcut

You can bypass moving around the menus if you want to try holding down buttons on the remote for the remote control shortcut.

  1. Locate the Middle OK and Play buttons on your FireStick Lite remote 
  2. Press and Hold both the Middle OK button and the Play button together for 10 seconds
  3. The FireStick Lite should display a message that says, “Your Fire TV Stick Lite is Powering Off.”

Your FireStick Lite should now restart. You will see the screen go black, and the Fire logo will reappear. Then your Home screen should come back.

Manually Cycling the Power

The last method is the last-ditch effort if none other works, but it is a surefire thing. We are going to pull the power to the FireStick Lite simply.

  1. Find your FireStick Lite on the back of your television
  2. Your FireStick will either be a USB cable plugged into a wall wart or plugged into the USB port on the back of your television
  3. You can unplug either the end that is connected to the wall wart or the USB port on the back of your television
  4. If you are unsure what to pull, pull out the small cable from the side of the Amazon FireStick Lite. This is where the power connects to the Amazon FireStick Lite
  5. Wait 10 Seconds
  6. Plug FireStick Lite back in

Your FireStick Lite should now restart. You will see the screen go black, and the Fire logo will reappear. Then your Home screen should come back.


Resetting your internet-connected devices will solve your problems more often than not. It’s a shame they are taking away the buttons to make that quick and easy, but at least Amazon gave us three different ways to do it so we can get the job done no matter our proximity to our FireStick.

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