Does TCL TV Have PIP Or Picture-In-Picture?


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With advances in technology, different manufacturers have followed in its advancement to ensure their user experience is satisfying. The picture-in-picture feature was introduced to enable users to multitask on their TVs. This means you can play a movie while you’re playing a video game on your TV through an HDMI.

Unfortunately, TCL TVs do not support the picture-in-picture feature. Most modern TVs do not come with the picture-in-picture feature, and TCL TVs fall into that category of TVs. Picture-in-picture works with signal from the cable going into a built-in analog tuner. The tuners are currently built into a cable box.

However, TCL TVs make up for that missing feature with a lot of other smart features. The picture-in-picture feature is really exciting as it enables multitasking. But unfortunately, TCL TVs don’t support that. This means if you want to multitask on your TCL TV, you will have to switch your picture input.

Can a TCL TV Do Split-screen?

The split-screen feature is another great feature to have on your TV. It is similar to the picture-in-picture feature. But unlike the picture-in-picture feature, the split-screen feature divides your TV screen into 2 even parts. The picture-in-picture feature works by displaying the second screen in a window right next to the former window opened.

TCL TVs do not support the split-screen feature so it is impossible to do that on your TCL TV. Like the picture-in-picture feature, multiview works with the signal from the cable going into a built-in analog tuner. This means a TV that doesn’t support picture-in-picture won’t also support split-screen.

Unfortunately, you can’t split-screen your TCL TV, nor can you use the picture-in-picture feature on it. If you are into these features and keen on getting a TV that supports them, you’re still in luck as there are still some present TV brands that support these features

What TV Models Support Picture-In-Picture Mode?

Every TV brand makes different models that make them stand out from its competition. Some features found in some TVs won’t be found in others. As you may have known already, TCL TVs don’t support picture-in-picture and split-screen features. You may be wondering if there are TVs that support them. 

There are indeed TV brands that make smart TVs that have the picture-in-picture feature. These are brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. It is not all manufactured TV models by these brands that come with picture-in-picture features. 

Here are some TV models that come with this feature:

  • LG 22MA53
  • Samsung 40″ 4k TV


  • Samsung 2020 4K QLED TV Q60T
  • Samsung 2021 The Frame TV LS03A
  • Sony Android TV –  x95h
  • Sony Android TV –  x950h
  • Sony Android TV – KD65X9500H
  • Vizio 60″ E seriesE601I-A3

These are some of the smart TV models that support the PIP feature. These are all made by high-end TV brands so their price tags may be high too. If you are looking to get a pocket-friendly TV, you might have to settle for a TV without this feature such as TCL smart TVs.

If you would like to learn more about TCL TVs, check out this article.

How Do You Use Picture-In-Picture On Roku?

So you just got a new Roku activated TV, and you’re trying to play your video game while you keep track of the news. You’re about to use the picture-in-picture feature on it, but you’re not sure how to.

Unfortunately, Roku TVs don’t come with the picture-in-picture feature. Roku TVs only support one channel input at a time so it will be impossible to perform two actions on your Roku TV screen as they were not made to have that feature.

However, if you own a TV brand that supports the picture-in-picture feature, the process of using the feature may be different depending on your TV brand or model. For some brands like Samsung, it is as easy as pressing your menu button and clicking on system settings.


Getting two TCL Roku TVs might be a better choice than looking for a TV that supports the picture-in-picture feature. TCL Roku TVs offer a variety of features that make the user experience pleasant. TCL TVs also offer these features at lower prices than the high-end TVs that come with the pip feature. 

It is also better to get 2 TCL TVs as the PIP feature will reduce the picture size, and the audio output may come from just one of the two pictures displayed on the TV. 

If the sounds from both displays were to come out simultaneously from the TV, it would be classified as noise as you won’t hear the sounds properly. This makes getting 2 TCL TVs desirable. But if you still intend on using the PIP feature, or a split-screen feature on your Roku TV, consider getting other brands of TV that have these features and using your Roku TV on them.

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