Does Sharp TV Have Bluetooth? How to Use Bluetooth Headphones with TV


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Connecting devices used to be frustrating. However, the introduction of Bluetooth technology solved this, making nearby devices work with each other effortlessly. One way this has been done is by fitting TVs with Bluetooth capabilities. But then, because the technology is relatively new, you are wondering if your Sharp Tv has Bluetooth. And if it does, how you can connect it with Bluetooth headphones.

Not every Sharp TV has Bluetooth. It’s mainly newer models that have Bluetooth connectivity. Sadly, the older Sharp TV models were not fitted with Bluetooth technology when they were produced. 

Despite this, however, there are ways to tell your TV Bluetooth connectivity. Keep reading to learn more about this and how to use Bluetooth headphones with your Sharp TV.

How Do You Know if Your Sharp TV Has Bluetooth?

Since there are Bluetooth connectivity disparities in Sharp TV models, you should make efforts to determine whether your Sharp TV is Bluetooth-enabled. There are quite a few ways to determine this, the most important of which have been highlighted below. 

If you got the TV not long ago, you should still have the items that came with the packaging. In many cases, if the TV has Bluetooth, the manufacturer would include the Bluetooth logo boldly on the TV cardboard box. Otherwise, you can look at the Device Specifications outline, usually in the manual or user guide, to know if the Sharp TV uses Bluetooth connectivity.

If you have had the Sharp TV for some time and do not have access to the package or manual, you can look at the original remote accompanying the TV. Usually, there will be a Bluetooth logo on it if it has. There should also be a command button with a Bluetooth logo inscription dedicated to activating the connection. 

Browse Through the Sharp TV Settings 

Alternatively, you can dive into the TV settings to check for any clue to Bluetooth availability on the TV. Luckily, some Sharp TVs have a search tab. You can make use of this to quickly search for Bluetooth. 

Use External Devices Like Phones To Search For Your Sharp TV Bluetooth Connectivity

One other thing you can do is to try out external devices such as your phone or laptop to see if your TV is listed in the “nearby devices.” For example, if your Sharp TV has Bluetooth, it will likely be listed as “Sharp TV.” While using this method, ensure your external devices are in close range and have been disconnected from other device connections. 

Upon exhausting these options, you will be able to tell if your Sharp TV has Bluetooth or not. If it has, the next step is to connect it to your Bluetooth headphone and enjoy a premium viewing experience.

How Do You Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones to Your Sharp TV?

Discovering your Sharp TV has Bluetooth means putting it to good use by connecting it to a good pair of headphones for a premium viewing experience. However, because Sharp TVs are usually smart TVs, connecting Bluetooth to headphones does not come easily. 

Here are the steps to take if you want a seamless connection. 

You need the TV remote for this step. Also, get your Bluetooth headphones switched on and ready. Then, with the TV powered on, go to its “Menu” by selecting the “Input” button followed by the “My Menu” key. A range of icons will pop up on the TV screen, including streaming service options, movies, apps, and others. 

Go to the Settings 

Click the left arrow button on the remote from the menu options, quickly following the right arrow one. Continue clicking the right arrow button till the cursor stays on the “Settings” logo, which looks a lot like an engineering wheel logo. Select the “OK” button to go into “Settings.”

Here, you will find diverse action icons, including “System Options,” “Picture Settings,” and others. Next, continually press the right arrow button till your cursor stays on “Setup Icon.” Then, click the OK button to get in.

Locate Bluetooth

Inside the “Setup,” first click on the left arrow button followed by the right arrow. Then, lead the cursor to the “Smart TV” icon and click on it.

Here, you will find a drop-down of options starting with “Dashboard.” Take the cursor down a bit, and you see the “Bluetooth” button. Click on it.

Set Up the Bluetooth 

The next page should display “Searching for accessories” in large fonts. The TV’s Bluetooth will search for available devices and show the ones detected on the screen. 

If you find the Bluetooth headphone on this list, you should select it using the remote’s navigation buttons. Upon clicking it, you will see the option to “Pair” or “Cancel.” Click on “Pair.” Once successfully paired, you can begin to enjoy your sound.

With this, you conclude the connection. 

What Other Bluetooth Devices Can You Hook Up to Sharp TV?

Apart from headphones, there are a group of other devices that you can connect to your Sharp TV for a better TV experience.

They include:

  • Speakers: If you want to blast the audio rather than enjoy it yourself using headphones, connect your loudspeakers to the TV using Bluetooth.
  • Keyboard: It’s a work-from-home (WFH) world, and often, you may need a screen more extensive than what your laptop provides. So rather than get a monitor, your TV can work with a Bluetooth keyboard to offer you this service.
  • Mouse: A Bluetooth mouse enables you to navigate your TV easily, especially when using it with your keyboard. 
  • Laptop: You can view everything on your laptop on your TV when connecting via Bluetooth. It’s quite straightforward to connect it.

If you would like to learn more about Sharp TVs, check out this article.

Best Bluetooth Headphones to Use with Sharp TV

If you are concerned about getting the best experience, you must become selective of the headphones you use. Using some of the best Bluetooth headphones will lift you into a different world. There are a lot of Bluetooth headphones you can choose from. 

Through research and product testing, below are the best five Bluetooth headphones, in no particular order, to use with your Sharp TV:

Now you know what bluetooth headphones will work best with your Sharp TV.


Whether or not your Sharp TV has inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities, it can still work with your wireless headphones to give you a top-notch TV experience. You must get the required tools and follow the detailed steps outlined above. 

You can also get a better experience since it’s not only the headphone that works well with your Sharp TV. Your speakers, mouse, and other devices are compatible and follow a similar setup procedure as the headphones.

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