Does Peloton Work With Fitbit?

2 Fitbits, Black and purple with a purple background.2 Fitbits, Black and purple with a purple background.

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Peloton is one of the most popular exercise machines today, and Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness accessories. Many fitness enthusiasts may wonder if these two devices can be integrated into the same fitness routine, especially since they both focus on documenting your progress.

Fitbit can work as a third-party heart rate monitor for Peloton. Compatibility between the Fitbit and the Peloton means that you can record your Peloton rides and have them synced up to your Fitbit account. Peloton can record your workout information to your Fitbit account.

Peloton and Fitbit are both useful fitness tools, and integrating them makes them even more functional. Read on to learn more about syncing your Fitbit to your Peloton bike and how to make these two fitness devices work together.

Is Peloton Compatible With Fitbit?

Peloton is compatible with Fitbit, making it a great accessory choice to pair with your Peloton bike. A major advantage of pairing these two systems is that your Peloton will upload metrics to your Fitbit automatically once they’re synced.

By signing into your Fitbit for each ride you take on your Peloton, you can log the following information (Source: Fitbit):

  • Workout duration
  • Distance traveled
  • Total calories burned

Being able to sync your Fitbit to your Peloton allows you to integrate the Peloton fully into your workout routine without losing control over documenting your progress metrics. Since measuring your progress with quantifiable data for every workout is a major motivator for many fitness enthusiasts, this makes Peloton a perfect partner for your Fitbit.

How to Connect Fitbit to Peloton

To connect your Fitbit to your Peloton bike, all you have to do is connect your Peloton to your Fitbit account. This connection will allow you to share the metrics of your workouts on the Peloton to your Fitbit account whenever you complete them. To upload a Peloton workout to your Fitbit metrics log, use this method (Source: Peloton Support):

  • After completing your Peloton workout, go to your Peloton’s touch screen and select the Share button. The Share button should bring up the option for Fitbit
  • Log into Fitbit. Sign in to your account on the Peloton to automatically sync your bike to your Fitbit account
  • After a one-time log-in, all Peloton metrics should be automatically uploaded to your Fitbit account each time you work out.

Fitbit and Peloton have been adapted to work almost seamlessly with each other, and both brands advertise available compatibility. This built-in compatibility makes connecting your Fitbit to your Peloton a snap even if you don’t have technical skills.

Does the Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor Work with Peloton?

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to use Fitbit as a heart rate monitor while directly connected to the Peloton. Fitbit doesn’t use ANT+ technology, the only type of heart rate monitoring software supported by Peloton. This lack of integration prevents both Fitbit and Apple Watch from acting as direct heart rate monitors for Peloton.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still use your Fitbit to monitor your heart rate during a Peloton workout. You’ll just have to do it separately as part of your Fitbit account, and it won’t be recorded in the data metrics from your Peloton.

If you want a Fitbit heart rate monitor that will deliver heart rate data directly to the Peloton app, you’ll need a specific model of Fitbit: the Fitbit Versa smartwatch. 

Which Fitbit Works With the Peloton App?

The Fitbit that is recommended with the Peloton app is the Fitbit Versa 2. Unlike other Fitbits, the Versa 2 is a smartwatch that can upload your heart rate to the Peloton app via a Bluetooth connection. While it still can’t project your heart rate onto the Peloton’s screen, you can at least track it during your workout as part of your overall metrics. 

Why Did My Fitbit Stop Syncing with Peloton?

Back in the early months of 2021, many Fitbit users began to run into an issue where their Peloton workouts would not automatically sync to their Fitbit account. This problem seemed to stem from the system sporadically unchecking the automatic update in the Peloton’s settings during operation.

Other users have reported being forcibly kicked out of their Fitbit accounts while signed into their Peloton, or not being able to log in to Fitbit on the Peloton’s Share feature.

If you run into this hang-up, try force quitting your Fitbit app and restarting it before logging back in to your Fitbit account through your Peloton. In many cases, a force-stop on the software with a reset may resolve the connectivity issue.

Fitbit Is a Perfect Partner for Peloton

Even though Fitbit doesn’t integrate perfectly into the Peloton system, there is enough compatibility between these two devices that using the Fitbit to track your Peloton workouts is easy to pull off.

Whether you use Peloton as your main workout equipment or you’re trying to mesh your Peloton workouts into a broader fitness program, these two pieces of technology generally work well together.

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