Does AT&T Internet Use a Coax Cable?


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If you’re considering switching to AT&T as your internet provider, you might be wondering about the connectivity. More specifically, does AT&T internet use a coax cable? This is a standard question to ask before making a choice for internet carriers, as it will affect the placement of your equipment. So, do you need a coax cable if you’re going to subscribe to AT&T?

AT&T internet does not require a coax cable to operate. Years ago, they did require a coax cable if that offered the best possible connection. Currently, the gateway may not even support coax.

So there you have it. Although that answers the question of AT&T internet using a coax cable, there are a few details still to iron out and other questions to answer surrounding AT&T internet and coax cables. For all of that information, keep reading.

Is Using a Coax Cable Still an Option?

Most internet options now do not support the coax cable as an option. It’s possible you may be confusing the coax cable with the ethernet cable. They do look similar.

Most modems or Wi-Fi devices are hooked up to the wall via an ethernet cord, allowing you to be able to connect the internet wirelessly on all other devices. However, it is also possible to have the internet without being hooked up to an ethernet cord with the use of a converter.

Keep in mind, the strongest, most reliable connection is via hooking your modem up to the wall via ethernet cord. A coax cord is no longer needed when it specifically comes to the internet connection in your home. You don’t have to hang on to that coax cable in your junk drawer anymore. Go ahead and get rid of it!

AT&T Internet Fiber Optic and Twisted Pair Cables

Fiber optic and twisted pair cables are seen more frequently than coax cables in today’s day and age. Your AT&T expert will know which you have and how you should best hook up your AT&T internet connection.

Both fiber optic and twisted pair cables can be used to install fast-speed internet. But don’t worry too much about remembering the details with the two cables. Your AT&T provider will give you all tools and cables needed for a quick and easy installation process.

You can always check in with an AT&T expert if you have any specific questions about your cables or internet connection. A phone number is provided with your equipment for quick and easy contact to help with the installation process.

If You Don’t Use a Coax Cable, Then What Do You Need to Setup AT&T Internet?

When you decide on AT&T as your internet provider, they will send you a package in the mail with all of the accessories necessary to install your internet service. The following are included and needed to install your new fast speed internet service:

  • AT&T Wi-Fi gateway: This is the actual modem device that allows you to have an internet connection.
  • Green data cable: Cable needed to access internet data.
  • Yellow Ethernet Cable: This is needed for wall connection.
  • Gray Cable: This cable is needed if you are hooking up phone service in your household through AT&T. If not installing phone service in your household, this cable will not be needed.
  • Power Cord: Main cord needed to plug into outlet for device power.
  • Detailed instructions for installation: The installation process is usually simple, dependent on the household. If you have any specific questions about the setup in your household, there will be a phone number in the instructions manual to reach out to work with a specialist.

If you’re still having issues while installing and talking to a professional over the phone, AT&T will send a specialist out to your home in a timely manner to assist. As you can see, all cables and accessories that you will need for internet installation are provided by AT&T.

Using Your AT&T Internet

Now that your internet is connected and ready for use, you can now hook up your favorite devices for use. Note that a coax cord is not needed and not welcome with most up-to-date devices.

Make sure to read the instructions provided on how to hook up your wireless devices to your new internet service via Wi-Fi. It is likely that your internet service has a Wi-Fi password. Most times, this password is located on the side of the AT&T Wi-Fi gateway and can be changed when requested. Contact your AT&T internet specialist if you have any questions.

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