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Is AT&T the Same as Directv?

Last Updated Nov 14, 2021
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Whether you are looking for a new cable TV service or are currently thinking about switching, there are quite a few options to choose from. You may have heard about AT&T’s service in the past. If this is a service you are interested in, you will have to look for it under a different name.

AT&T TV has now changed its name to DIRECTV STREAM. The only thing that has changed is the rebranding of the name. AT&T will no longer be in the business of providing cable TV service.

DIRECTV STREAM will bring several of the AT&T services with it around the end of August 2021. This will be a hassle free switch for current customers, as they will only see the switching of logos on their screens. Let’s look at some features of the service and why it is that AT&T decided to make this move.

Switching Services

DirecTV was once the streaming service of choice for many customers in 2016, before it switched over to AT&T. Many customers have been unhappy with the service since the switch, calling for AT&T to rebrand its name and switch back to the popular DIRECTV. Many people were happier with the corporate practices and business principles that DIRECTV had compared to AT&T.

The new service will contain AT&T’s streaming service, DIRECTV’s satellite service, and U-Verse TV, which is AT&T’s cable television service. The price of the service is expected to stay the same throughout the switch.

If you’d like to learn more about DirecTV, check out this article.


Directv STREAM is a streaming service that still feels like cable or satellite TV due to all the things it provides. There is an enormous channel selection available with the service. Compared to other services such as Hulu Live TV, Pluto, Sling TV, and Vudu, the channel lineup is much larger.

DIRECTV has a basic, cable-like interface to it so it is easy to operate. It has major networks such as CBS, ESPN, and FOX News. The DIRECTV STREAM service requires no annual contract and the network coverage of sports is rated by consumers to be one of the best available.

DIRECTV also lets you choose the option of bundling with AT&T’s internet service in order to save some money on your wireless internet experience. Most streaming services have a smaller selection of channels compared to cable, but not DIRECTV STREAM, with packages from 65-140+ channels to choose from, you are sure to be able to get the channels you want with their diverse selection of packages.


The main complaint over the DIRECTV STREAM service, even after switching from AT&T, was the price point. Starting around $69.99, the service compares to a lot of cable TV providers. When choosing a streaming service, one of the bonuses is usually a reduced cost compared to cable TV.

Some consumers have raised issues with the loading speed of DIRECTV compared to other streaming services, stating that the lag time is higher than others in comparison. Some of the content discovery features were reported to be lacking also. In addition, unfortunately a common channel that is missing from DIRECTV’s lineup is NFL Sunday Ticket.


DIRECTV STREAM has 4 different packages to choose from, depending mainly on how many channels you want and if you want the regional sports package included. To get the regional sports network package you will need to at least consider the Choice package. 

Prices of the packages range anywhere from $69.99 all the way up to $139.99 for the top of the line package:

PackagePriceChannel CountOn-Demand TitlesRegional Sports

Showtime, STARZ, EPIX, and Cinemax are included for the first 3 months with all packages. HBO MAX is included in the Choice, Ultimate, and Premier packages as an added bonus. Some services will need to be cancelled after the first 3 months so they do not renew with a fee.


Basically AT&T has gone through a rebranding process into DIRECTV. Not much has changed in the transition, with the channel lineup and the cost remaining the same. The streaming service is still noted to be one of the top streaming services available on the market due to the wide selection of channels available to select from. 

This wide selection of channels does come with its own price point, but if that isn’t an issue, you should be very satisfied with this service.

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