Can You Talk Through Ring Chime?

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Maybe you have bought a Ring Doorbell and as well as a Ring Chime, or possibly you are doing your research before purchasing. Either way, you will want to know exactly how these products connect, how the Chime works, and what you can use it for.

The Ring Chime is only a speaker and does not contain a microphone, so you cannot talk through it. It works as an audio alert device that connects to your Ring Doorbell, and it can be placed anywhere in the home so you can easily hear when someone is at your door.

If the Ring Chime does not have a microphone, then what are the benefits of having one, or even multiple throughout your home? In this article, we will break down exactly what you are getting when you decide to purchase a Ring Chime and how it can help enhance your home security.

How Do I Talk to Someone Through my Ring Doorbell?

As we have learned, the Ring Chime does not allow the user to speak through the doorbell to a possible visitor. It will only let you know that they are at the entrance.

Nevertheless, once you have been alerted from your Chime, instead of going straight to the door, you can choose to speak with someone through your Ring Doorbell with the Ring app on your smartphone or home device.

Essentially, if you are lying in bed, cooking in the kitchen, or hanging out the patio, your Chime will alert you that there is someone at your front door. Then, you can easily check your phone, pull open the Ring app, and see who is there and speak to them through your phone microphone.

Do I Need a Chime with my Ring Doorbell?

You do not need a Chime with a Ring Doorbell. If you choose to operate your Ring Doorbell without a Ring Chime, you will still be alerted via the doorbell which rings from the front door or through your phone app. However, that entails that you must be within earshot of the front door, or have your device close by with the volume up.

What the Chime provides is a loud alert in any room of the house. Meaning that you could be vacuuming, playing with the kids in the basement, working in your home office, or taking a nap and still easily hear your doorbell ring.

How Loud Is the Ring Chime?

It is a great time to be a consumer because as we know, almost everything these days can be modeled to your exact needs. As a company, Ring is extremely concerned with making user-friendly products, and they have created the Ring Chime to suit your exact preferences.

  • Access. Any of these following changes in preference can be easily accessed through your Ring app on your smartphone or tablet at any time.
  • Volume. Your Chime volume is completely adjustable from silent to extremely loud.
  • On/Off. If you would like your doorbell to continue to ring but would like to pause your Chime from responding, you can easily disconnect the two on your app!
  • Sound. Gone are the days of a boring doorbell! You can easily choose from a variety of Chime Tones on your device. Here is even a step-by-step guide to selecting your new sound.

So, your Chime can be loud, quiet, or even off depending on what works best in your home, and its sound can change day by day with your moods or needs!

How Do I Talk to Someone Through my Ring Doorbell?

Now we know that you cannot speak with someone at your door through your Ring Chime. So, how can you talk to them?

When your Chime rings, either loudly or quietly, you can easily use your phone to see just who is at your door and easily interface with them because once again, the answers to all of our questions can be found in the Ring app.

This app is your one-stop shop to connect to all of your Ring security devices, and it includes a two-way-talk feature that allows you to communicate through your doorbell with your visitors before letting them into your home.


You cannot talk directly through your Ring Chime. However, with an immediate alert at the volume and sound of your choice from anywhere in your home, you can easily access your two-way-talk microphone on your phone from your exact location!

Security has never been easier, and having a Ring Doorbell with a Ring Chime also means you can feel secure no matter where you are.

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