Schlage Encode Unlocking on its Own, What’s Going On? How to Stop it!

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People use the Schlage Encode to improve their home security and keep their possessions safe. So, it can be disheartening when your smart locks unlock themselves.

The most common reason your Schlage Encode keeps unlocking on its own is that you have events set up to unlock them without your knowledge. You’ll need to go through your feed to resolve this.

Please continue reading to learn what you should do when your Schlage Encode unlocks on its own. Our guide will teach you how to fix this problem so that you feel safe at home again.

How Schlage Encode Protects Your Home

You can use smart locks to operate your locking mechanism no matter where you go.

The following are the benefits of using Schlage Encode to protect your household.

Using smart locks instead of traditional ones makes it easier to tell when people enter your house.

This can be convenient if things suddenly go missing and you need to track them.

Unfortunately, it’s more likely for people you know to steal items from your house than for strangers to conduct a home invasion.

Reasons Your Smart Locks Have a Mind of Their Own

It’s extremely frustrating when your Schlage Encode unlocks itself because it can compromise your home security.

You may need to check multiple smart home devices to understand why your smart locks operate without your permission. Going through your history is the first step you should take to fix this.

Below, we will discuss the most common reasons your smart locks unlock without your permission.

Finding the cause of this problem is a step in the right direction to resolving it.

Faulty Arrival Sensors

Some people use multiple smart home devices to easily get in and out of their houses.

However, when one of these devices malfunctions it can compromise your security.

For example, using arrival sensors in conjunction with your Schlage Encode is a great way to unlock your door as soon as your sensor notices your presence.

However, if your sensor doesn’t work right, it could unlock whenever it notices specific activities outside your door.

This problem can give strangers access to your home.

Check Your Events

Sometimes, your door is unlocked because you have an event set up to allow this to happen.

When you pre-set events on your smart home application, it won’t ask for permission to unlock your door.

It would be best to go through your event history so that you understand the probable cause of this problem.

You may need to erase all of your events to eliminate this error.

When you have multiple smart home devices working together, it can be easy to lose track of how you set them.

Adjusting your settings is the easiest way to resolve this problem.

How to Stop Your Schlage Encode from Unlocking on its Own

Now that you understand how to tell what’s causing your Schlage Encode to unlock on its own, it’s time to discuss how you can fix it.

Fortunately, fixing your smart home locking system is an easy process once you identify the cause.

Most of these resolutions only take a few minutes.

Manage SmartThings

The first thing you should do to stop your Schlage Encode from unlocking on its own is to go through your SmartThings settings.

This settings menu will help you identify if you have any arrival settings on your sensors that you need to adjust.

For example, your sensors could falsely identify that your phone is nearby when it’s not.

In this situation, it would be best to delete this setting from your SmartThings, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Disable Arrival Sensors

If there’s something wrong with your arrival sensors, you’ll need to return them to the company or contact the support line.

Arrival sensor problems are unrelated to your smart lock but can affect how it operates.

Sometimes restarting these arrival sensors can get them to work correctly.

Until you figure out why your arrival sensors aren’t working right, it would be best to disable them, so you don’t worry about unlocking doors without your permission.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Schlage Encode is a reliable device that lets you operate your locking mechanisms remotely, sometimes problems arise that compromise your safety.

If you’re smart locks unlock themselves without your permission, it would be best to look through your smart home history for an answer.

This can happen when you’re using multiple smart home devices.

If any of your smart home devices stop working, it would be best to disable them, so you keep your home protected from intruders.

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