Can I Use a Westinghouse Smart TV Without a Remote?

Smart TV in a modern white living roomSmart TV in a modern white living room

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Westinghouse Smart TVs are a budget-friendly option for people in the market for a new TV. They are packed with features such as 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, built-in Roku, and easy wifi set up. Can you use a Westinghouse Smart TV without a remote? Does Westinghouse have a TV Remote app? Can I control my Westinghouse TV from my phone? How can I program my Westinghouse Smart TV without a remote?

While it is not possible to change the channels on your Westinghouse Smart TV without a remote control, it is not difficult to perform a factory reset without a remote control. If the remote for your Westinghouse Smart TV is lost or destroyed, the Westinghouse TV Remote app or a universal remote will work.

Read on for more details about using your Westinghouse Smart TV without a remote.

Lost Westinghouse Remote

Losing the remote control that specifically came with your Westinghouse Smart TV should not be a stressful event. There are plenty of options to control your TV without the factory remote. 

Replacement Westinghouse Remotes

If the idea of setting up a universal remote is intimidating to you, Westinghouse sells replacement remote controls for their TVs. No set-up is needed for these. They will work with your Westinghouse Smart TV as soon as you take them out of their packaging and put in batteries.

Before purchasing a Westinghouse replacement remote, make sure that the remote you want to purchase is compatible with your model number. You can find the model number on the back of your TV, in the manual, or in the settings menu.

Here are some options for Westinghouse replacement remote controls:

Now, let’s  take a look at universal remotes.

Universal Remote Controls

Some people find using a remote for each device in their entertainment center irritating. Universal remotes are a good choice when you have multiple devices you would like to control with a single remote. 

A universal remote must be programmed before it will work with your Westinghouse Smart TV. The process is simple:

  1. Turn on your Westinghouse Smart TV
  2. Hold the MUTE and SELECT buttons while the TV blinks twice
  3. Enter the number 991 and wait for the TV to blink twice
  4. Enter the number 1
  5. Press and release the Volume Up key
  6. Once the volume has changed, repeatedly press and release the Channel Up key
  7. Press Select to lock in the code
  8. Press the TV key
  9. Change either the channel or the volume to verify that the universal remote is programmed to your Westinghouse Smart TV

Check the instructions listed in your universal remote for variations on set-up with your Westinghouse Smart TV.

Phone Remote App

For the minimalist consumer who would prefer to have no remote control at all, Westinghouse has an app that works as a remote control.

The app functions using infrared, or IR, rather than radio frequency, or RF. This means that your phone must be pointed at the IR blaster, or sensor. Remote controls using RF can function through walls, do not require line of sight, and can be used from greater distances than IR.

The Westinghouse Remote app is available for download for both Apple and Android devices.

Factory Reset 

Sometimes a factory reset is necessary for your Westinghouse Smart TV. If your Westinghouse Smart Tv is functioning slowly, freezing, or has a problem that hasn’t been solved through other troubleshooting, a factory reset will often fix it. This will wipe out all the data programmed into the TV and return it to factory default settings.

Here is how to factory reset your TV:

  1. Turn on the TV
  2. Locate the hole labeled RESET on your Westinghouse TV. This will likely be located on the back of the TV and on the side where a USB and/or optical cable can be attached
  3. Press and hold the SIM card pin or ballpoint pen in the RESET hole 
  4. Do not release pressure until the TV reboots (usually in 30 seconds or less)
  5. Wait. Your factory reset is complete when the language menu appears.

If you do not have (or cannot find) the remote control, it is still possible to perform this function. In order to do a factory reset without a remote, you will need a thin device like a SIM card pin or a ball-point pen. This 16-piece SIM Card Removal Kit $6.99 would work wonderfully.


A remote control is needed to use Westinghouse Smart TVs and for most of its functions. Replacements from the factory are unnecessary if the remote that came with your TV is lost, and factory resets are easy to do without a remote. If you’d like to learn more about Westinghouse TVs, check out this article.

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