Can I Put My Peloton In The Garage?

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The Peloton is a great investment when you want to work out in the comfort of your own home. As a bicycle with a screen, it can be quite bulky equipment. If you have a place for it, great, but if the only location is in your garage, you want to ensure you can store it there.

You can store your Peloton in the garage if you want to, but there are many considerations you should think about before doing this. Your peloton is still a piece of technology just as much as it is workout equipment. 

You need to know much to properly store your peloton, especially when you choose your garage. Continue reading for more information and tips.

Can I Put My Peloton In The Garage?

Yes, you can store your Peloton in your garage, but ensure that your garage doesn’t get too hot or cold. If you live in an area that doesn’t have extreme heat or extreme cold, there is no problem storing your equipment there. 

But if you have extreme ranges of outdoor temperatures, you may want to think twice. Your Peloton shouldn’t get to temperatures below freezing and above 100 degrees. This would be the same for any technology that you own.

Tips To Storing My Peloton

Sure, you can put your Peloton in your garage and not do anything else for it, but this can cause damages to your equipment that are easily preventable. Your bike isn’t the cheapest workout equipment, and you want it to last as long as possible. You can do some of the following to protect your bike and reduce chances of damage or deterioration:

  • Clean the bike first.
  • Look for a good spot.
  • Lay down a mat.
  • Ensure the location is secure.
  • Protect the bike from the weather.
  • Get a cover.

Clean The Bike First

Once you have finished your workout, ensure that you clean the bike. You don’t want anything on the bike like a drink, dirt, and other particles that could cause damage to your bike. Simply wipe it down and then tuck it away.

For proper cleaning, clean it with wet wipes to remove any debris or dust. Clean the touch screen with the same. You can apply glass cleaner to the touch screen using a synthetic cloth to wipe it off. 

Look For A Good Spot

Try to find the perfect spot to put your bike. You don’t want to put it next to the tools or a place where you store many car parts, liquids, and large tools. You are putting your equipment at risk for future damages.

Clean an area that is safe from unnecessary stuff. Make it perfect for your workout routine and set the tone of your workouts. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic, like being put in a corner. Make it your space to get your head into your workout.

Lay Down A Mat

When storing your Peloton in the garage, you may want to invest in a mat. This mat can protect your bike from the cement flooring that can rub against your equipment. Doing this can help reduce surface friction between your equipment and the ground.

Ensure The Location Is Secure

The garage isn’t always the most secure location. Ensure that your garage is secure so that no one can break in and steal your equipment. Pelotons are worth quite a bit of money, and you don’t want someone taking that from you.

Protect The Bike From The Weather

Try to protect your bike from any weather. If your garage gets extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter, you may not want to store it in your garage. You can also ensure that the area is insulated and protected from outside weather.

Also, if your garage is prone to getting wet, you will want to protect your equipment from water. Water will damage the metal and cause rusting. You don’t water getting into any of the electrical and so try to prevent water from getting on your Peloton.

Get A Cover

If you have to deal with dust or there is a lot of traffic in your garage, you may want to invest in a cover for your Peloton. A cover could make such a big difference in protecting your bike from any damage and keeping it clean in between sessions.

Your cover can protect your bike from things like dust, particles, splatters from liquids, bugs, and so many more things. They aren’t too expensive, and they can prolong the longevity of your equipment.

Final Thoughts

You can store your Peloton bike anywhere you need to, including the garage. Just ensure that your bike is protected so that you can enjoy the technology and features that this workout equipment has to offer.

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