Can I Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Sharp TV?

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Accessibility and modern conveniences have made watching television a different experience than it was even a few years ago. Things are constantly being developed and improved as time goes on, and with that so does the demand for such features. One great piece of modern technology are wireless headphones that can be connected to a variety of tech so that people nearby won’t be bothered by differing volume needs.

Bluetooth headphones can be connected to Sharp TV easily. Some televisions have the ability to pair with them built right in, while others might need to use a mobile app or specialized remotes in order to do so, however.

Being able to connect a pair of headphones to a television makes it so others aren’t disturbed late at night or while they are trying to do other things, or when multiple people need different volume controls. However, not everything makes it easy to figure out how to connect their devices to each other. Keep reading to find out different ways to connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to a television.

Connect Directly to the TV

Some televisions have a headphone jack or another port where a pair of headphones or their receiver can plug into directly. However, that isn’t always the case and is relatively useless for most brands of Bluetooth headphones. Thankfully, some televisions have a Bluetooth option built right into them.

If it has Bluetooth connectivity, here is how to connect a pair of headphones directly to it:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the headphones
  2. Enable Pairing Mode (if applicable)
  3. Select “Bluetooth” from the TV Menu
  4. Scan for available devices
  5. Select the headphones

Smart TVs might be better at some things than others, but their Bluetooth capabilities tend to be decent at least. If they don’t have the built-in capability, that’s alright. There are still other means to connect headphones to try.

Connect Through a Mobile App

It might be a funny joke nowadays to say, “there’s an app for everything,” but it certainly feels like it. Because it is such an in demand to have a mobile app for everything, most manufacturers are forced to put one out if they want to appeal to such a large demographic of customers.

There are different apps out there, but it’s easy to connect headphones to ROKU TV using the mobile application and following these steps:

  1. Connect the Bluetooth headphones to the mobile device
  2. Open the ROKU TV (or any comparable) mobile app
  3. Follow any on screen instructions

From there all sounds will be played privately through the app using the mobile device as a point of contact. The app is really good at helping first timers set up a connection between all the devices as well. If you would like to learn more about Sharp TVs, check here.

Connect Through ROKU TV Remote

The ROKU TV remote has a built-in headphone port which can be used if all else fails to connect a pair of headphones to the TV through it. It’s a little friendlier to older tech or when Bluetooth connectivity is spotty. All that needs to be done is to connect the headphone jack to the headphone port on the ROKU TV remote. It will then immediately shift all the sound from the soundbar to the headphones.

There are similar devices as well that will do the same thing, as well as some speaker systems that have built-in headphone ports. If these are available, that’s all it takes to set up a connection if other methods don’t want to work.

Why Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a TV?

It might seem a little strange to want to connect headphones to a television. The point of the thing is to be able to watch something with other people. If the point was to be alone, why not stream it on the computer? Or perhaps the thought is to just have a different television in another room. Whatever the reason against the idea, there are still plenty of good reasons as to why someone would want or even should connect Bluetooth headphones to a television.

Such reasons include:

  • One person is hard of hearing
  • Someone is sensitive to loud noises
  • The rest of the family is trying to sleep
  • There isn’t anywhere else to go to be polite while watching
  • Need for greater accessibility
  • Need to listen while not being directly in front of the screen

Bluetooth also tends to be a better option than wired headphones as they can move around more, not risk a tripping hazard, and also be further away from the screen. They’re also great for families with many different needs, as someone who is harder of hearing can still enjoy it without bothering someone who is more sensitive.


Modern technology helps make everything more accessible and friendly to a variety of needs. One way this happens is by utilizing Bluetooth technology to connect headphones to multiple devices, including the television set. Some televisions even have this capability built right in, while others might need an app or to utilize a headphone port. 

Regardless of why a pair of headphones need to be connected, there’s probably a way that it can be done as long as the television isn’t too old.

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