Can I Change the Battery in My Kindle Oasis?


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The most recent edition of the Kindle Oasis was released in 2019. It gives readers an ultra-premium reading experience for electronic books. Like all portable electronic devices, the Oasis has a battery on board. What do you do when your e-reader is not giving you the battery life you need?

If your battery is not holding a charge like before, users are able to replace it on the Kindle Oasis. For most people, the process is fairly easy, requires minimum tools, and should take you ten minutes or less.

Once you have decided that you want to replace your Oasis’s battery, there are several things to consider. Some of those considerations are where to purchase a battery, what exactly do you need to be able to change out the battery, and what changing the battery will do to your Oasis’s warranty.

Where Can You Purchase a New Battery for the Kindle Oasis?

Before you can change out the battery in your Oasis, you have to purchase a new one. There are a few options for this. Your choice may boil down to which online commerce sites you prefer.

Since the Oasis is made by Amazon, one might think the best place to look for a replacement battery would be Amazon. It might take some digging to find an appropriate replacement battery, but most of them are labeled by their model or part numbers. Alternatively, contact their customer support line for assistance, especially if it is still under warranty.

The next option you might consider is eBay. You have to consider the pros and cons of ordering goods on eBay here, though. Some batteries may ship from the United States and will arrive quickly, while others may be cheaper but will ship from overseas and take longer to arrive. The good thing about ordering from eBay is that you can usually buy a battery replacement kit that includes tools.

Outside of normal retailers, one of the best places to purchase replacement parts is They offer a Kindle Oasis battery replacement battery as well as tools and everything you will need to complete the job. Ifixit has prices that tend to be a little more expensive than other sellers, but you will have the peace of mind of a warranty that you can trust.

How Do You Install a New Battery in the Oasis?

You purchased a battery and tools, and now you are ready to install it into your Oasis.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Very carefully wedge a plastic tool in between the back panel that covers the battery compartment and the Oasis to free the clips that hold the cover in place.
  2. One the cover starts coming off, move the plastic tool around it to free the remaining clips that hold it in place.
  3. Carefully remove the backplate from the Oasis. There is adhesive on the backplate, so try to keep the adhesive in good condition so you can reuse it when replacing the back.
  4. Preferably using tweezers, lift up the orange bridge connector and disconnect it by putting the tweezers in between the battery and the bridge and lifting upwards. The connector and cable are very delicate.
  5. Remove the old battery from the device. Use a plastic tool to try to wedge between the battery and the device. The battery typically has strong adhesive so go slow. Do not use a metal tool for this step and be careful not to puncture the thin metal foil on the bottom (adhesive side) of the battery.
  6. Grab your tweezers again and carefully lift the tape off of the power bridge connector. If your new battery came with new tape, use that. If it did not, clean off the old tape to reuse it with your new battery.
  7. Install the new battery by completing the steps above in reverse. When you are inserting the end of the orange cable into the socket on the device you will hear and feel it click in place. Do not tape the battery and cable in place until you are sure it is properly connected.
  8. Before replacing the back cover, check the new battery and make sure everything is connected properly. You may have to charge the new battery. If everything is functioning and taped down, replace the back cover and you are done.

Warranty Information

Amazon warranties Kindles for 1 year from the purchase date. If your Kindle is less than one year old, contact Amazon about a repair. If your Kindle is over one year old, then your warranty is expired and you do not have to worry about warranty issues from your repair.


If the battery on your Oasis is not functioning the way you want and you do not want the expense of a brand new Oasis, changing the battery yourself might be a great solution. It does not take long, is not too difficult, and could save you serious money. Just take your time, do not force anything, and you will be successful.

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