Can I Add My Own Camera to Vivint?

several security cameras on a wallseveral security cameras on a wall

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Smart security devices are a popular staple in most homes—not just in the US but around the world. And with so many similar options between brands, like with smart cameras, it’s easy to assume that they can be interchangeable with one another across different home security providers. However, when it comes to Vivint home security, can this apply?

Vivint does not allow the addition of third-party cameras to a home’s Vivint security system; users are required to use only Vivint-compatible equipment. However, Vivint does provide users the option to add up to four Vivint security cameras to their security system for an extra monthly fee. 

If you are new to Vivint or thinking about using Vivint as your home security solutions provider, in this article, we’ll review the types of cameras and devices you can use with Vivint’s services.

What Cameras Can I Use With Vivint?

Vivint will only work with its Vivint-brand cameras, so you will be unable to connect third-party cameras to the security system.

Currently, Vivint offers users three types of security cameras that are compatible with their home security systems. These cameras can be compatible with your existing smart devices and come with a monthly monitoring service plan.

  • Vivint Ping Indoor Camera – The Vivint Ping Camera is an HD indoor camera that allows you to hold two-way communication via the camera; this is possible with two-way audio with an in-built microphone and a one-touch callout.
  • Vivint Outdoor Mounted Camera – Similar to most outdoor cameras in terms of usability and purpose, the Vivint Outdoor Camera allows for 24/7 high definition video recording with infrared night vision. It is also waterproof and allows for 360-degree coverage.
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera – The Vivint Doorbell Camera allows you to monitor front door activities from anywhere and at any time. You get to see, talk, and hear anyone within your front door camera’s range. You can also integrate it with an existing smart lock to improve the security of your front door.

How Many Cameras Can You Add to Vivint?

Both the Vivint Smart Home Service and Smart Security plan allows you to add up to four security cameras (including doorbell cameras and indoor, and outdoor cameras).

If you are looking to purchase security cameras for your home, you should know that you cannot use these Vivint-compatible cameras without adding on the service. If you need Vivint video professional monitoring services, you will need to pay an extra $5 per month for each of your cameras.

Can You Use Other Devices With Vivint?

Yes, you can integrate or combine Vivint with other smart devices. While Vivint offers several smart home devices, you can use your Nest, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Z-wave devices seamlessly with your Vivint security system. Using these devices with Vivint allows you to control your lighting, thermostat, locks, and other smart appliances remotely.

However, how well they sync is dependent on the added smart device provider.

Unfortunately, Vivint does not allow for non-Vivint security cameras to work with its system. However, when compared to other home security systems, Vivint is the best in terms of integration capability for other smart devices.

How Do I Add a Device to Vivint?

As we mentioned above, Vivint allows for users to add smart devices to their security system. Adding a smart device is easy; below is a step-by-step guide to help you add your existing smart home devices to your Vivint security system.

  1. Press the Home button on your Vivint security system’s touchscreen panel.
  2. Select Services.
  3. Select the Wrench icon.
  4. Enter your secret 4-digit pin.
  5. Tap Add Devices.
  6. Once you have tapped the Add Devices icon, go to the device you wish to add (it could be a door lock, lighting, thermostat, etc.).
  7. If you are adding a smart thermostat, press the Menu button, and select the Mate button 2 or 3 times. If you are adding a door lock, take out the back cover of your smart lock and press the white button at the top left twice.
  8. On your Vivint’s panel, press the Home button to return to your home screen panel. At this point, confirm that your Vivint screen is displaying the details of the smart device you are attempting to add.
  9. If the device is displayed, tap the Back button and return to your home screen. Your smart device has now been added.

If your screen isn’t displaying any information about the newly added device, start the Mate process again. It may take your Vivint 2-5 minutes to synchronize with your new device.


In conclusion, while Vivint does not allow users to use their own, third-party camera’s to the home security system, you still have the freedom to connect additional smart devices, like a smart door lock.

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