Can Blink Doorbell be Mounted Sideways or Horizontally?

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Blink doorbell is one of the competitors of Ring doorbell, both products of Amazon. Much like Ring, the Blink doorbell has a 1080p full-HD and supports two-way communication. Blink doorbell also works with Alexa and has excellent night vision. What is the correct way to mount the Blink doorbell for a better experience? Can the Blink doorbell be mounted horizontally or sideways?

The Blink Doorbells can be mounted horizontally. The camera in the Blink doorbell has a field of view pointing straight out from the mounting surface, which allows you to capture the object right in front of the camera. But you can also add a wedge or corner mount. The Wedge offers a 50° vertical tilt (up and down). The Corner Mount offers up to 25° horizontal tilt (side to side).

Like any other doorbell, the blink doorbell should be mounted vertically. This is how it has been designed to work. However, you can use a Corner Mount and install your doorbell sideways since the corner mount offers a 250° horizontal tilt. Read on to find out how to mount your Blink doorbell horizontally using the corner mount.

How to Install Your Blink Doorbell

Installing a Blink doorbell is not complicated, and you can do it on your own. Alternatively, you can also pay for professional installation. This is typically recommended for wired-in devices to ensure safety.

Here are steps to follow when mounting your Blink Doorbell:

  1. Prepare a location to mount the doorbell where the fullest view of the area leads up to the front door entry. Then clean the surface.
  2. Drill two guide holes on this surface– approximately 2.5cm deep.
  3. Start the mounting process by placing your Blink doorbell between these two guide holes. Secure the exposed wires to minimize any hazards/dangers.
  4. Attach the back plate to your surface using the two screws—one on the top and the other at the bottom.
  5. Check your placement using live view to confirm whether the doorbell is working.

It is easy to mount a Blink doorbell on your door, but the above steps will only give you a view leading up to the front door. How do you mount your Blink doorbell sideways? We cover this in the next section.

How to Install a Corner Mount

As we earlier mentioned, the camera in the Blink doorbell has a field of view pointing straight out from the mounting surface. You can use either a wedge or corner mount to expand this field of view. The Wedge offers a 50° vertical tilt, while the Corner Mount offers a 25° horizontal tilt (side to side).

Corner Mount Installation

Mounting the Blink doorbell with the Corner Mount is not hard. You will first drill two guide holes on the placement surface, and rather than installing the doorbell directly, you will first install the Corner Mount.

Here is how to mount the Corner Mount:

  1. Like the Wedge, the Corner Mount comes with a pair of shortened all-purpose screws. These are the screws you will use to install the Corner Mount and secure the back plates to attachment points.
  2. Once you have mounted the Corner Mount, attach your Blink doorbell and test.

A Corner Mount or Wedge helps you expand your field of view. In this case, the Corner Mount is needed if we are going to mount our doorbells horizontally. But what is the right height to place your Blink doorbell if you have installed a Corner Mount?

How High Should You Mount Your Blink Doorbell if You Install a Corner Mount?

Whether using a Corner Mount, Wedge, or directly mounted your Blink doorbell, the recommended placement is around 48 inches from the ground. This way, it’s not too high or too low, and you do not have to worry about missing and guessing your visitors’ faces.

When installing the Blink doorbell with the Corner Mount, this is also something you should put into consideration. Your placement will help you to get high-quality videos. It will also give room for the 50° vertical tilt, allowing you to expand your field of view. The camera can pick what is happening from the mounting surface and a few angles to the sides.


Like any other doorbell camera, the Blink doorbell is designed to be mounted vertically. This is because, with horizontal mounting, one has to keep tilting their phone to see who is in front of the doorbell, unlike vertical placement where you can clearly see the other party. However, you can mount your Blink doorbell horizontally or sideways. You can use a Corner Mount to install your doorbell horizontally and expand your field of view. Unfortunately, the expansion will not be by much. The Corner Mount can only tilt up to 25° horizontal tilt (side by side).

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