9 Cool Things The Echo Glow Can Do

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The Amazon Echo Glow is Amazon’s kid-friendly Alexa-enabled smart night light. It is a sturdy little orb that will color shift its light spectrum and take Alexa voice commands if you connect it to an Amazon Echo. This sturdy little light could take punishment from your little tyke because it had just that in mind when it was designed. It was meant to go on your child’s nightstand.

Amazon knows that children aren’t exactly delicate all of the time. It can alert your kid to their bedtime, turn the room into a disco, and possibly even disguise itself as a UFO or an alien from a galaxy far, far away.  So what are some other cool things the Echo Glow can do?

9 Cool Things The Echo Glow Can Do

The Amazon Echo Glow is a sleek little matte-finished orb when it isn’t on. But when it is on, it emits a soft 100-lumen glow that won’t flood your child’s room with light. This is a night light, after all. It’s not meant to be used as a reading light. It is a versatile little device, especially when paired with one of the Amazon Echo Dot Kids.

  1. Disguise itself as a UFO (and other things)
  2. Tap to change colors
  3. Rainbow timer
  4. Display holiday themes
  5. Show different light patterns
  6. Let your child know when it’s bedtime
  7. Help your child brush their teeth
  8. Pair with an Echo Dot Kids to use Alexa voice commands
  9. Alexa Routines

The Amazon Echo Glow can comfort your child without being a nuisance for being too bright when left on while they are sleeping. It will easily become a useful tool and one of your child’s favorite toys. Here are a few cool things the Amazon Echo Glow can do.

Disguise Itself as a UFO (and Other Things)

The Amazon Echo Glow is fine, just sitting by itself on a nightstand. It looks like a stylish little orb. But why be a stylish little orb when you can be a character from Star Wars, a cute little penguin, or even a UFO!? 

The stands available for the Echo Glow range in size and shape, but some of the most kid-friendly and kid-themed turn the Echo Glow into a companion. You can get any of these cute Amazon Echo Glow stands to customize your child’s smart night light.

Tap to Change Colors

Since the Amazon Echo Glow is aimed at children, they made it easy to control without an app and buttons. Simply tap the top of the orb to cycle through the 16 colors:

Warm WhiteSalmonGreenPurple
Cool WhiteOrangeCyanMagenta
RedGoldSky BluePink

Rainbow Timer

It’s also possible to set a Rainbow Timer. You can set a timer for a specific time, and the Amazon Echo Glow will cycle through all the colors of the rainbow in ROY G BIV order until finally arriving at a white light once the alarm sounds. Since the Echo Glow doesn’t have an onboard microphone or speaker, you would have to set the alarm through the Alexa app.

If you have the Amazon Echo Glow connected to an Amazon Echo, you can use voice commands to set the alarm. If you set the alarm this way, Alexa will also give you a verbal alert and the white light once the Rainbow Timer has ended.

Display Holiday Themes

It’s possible to change the lighting themes of the Amazon Echo Glow either using a connected smartphone or tablet running the Alexa app or by connecting an Amazon Echo and using Alexa voice commands. You can ask Alexa to change the theme to the following holidays:

  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanzaa
  • Valentine’s

Show Different Light Patterns

You can also have the lights fluctuate or pulse in different patterns. Again, you will have to either use a connected smartphone or tablet using the Alexa app or by connecting an Amazon Echo and using Alexa voice commands. You can set the Amazon Echo Glow to the following light patterns:

  • Campfire
  • Color Flow
  • Disco
  • Fire Truck
  • Mood Light
  • Siren
  • Underwater

Let Your Child Know When It’s Bedtime

A beneficial way you can utilize the Amazon Echo Glow in by incorporating it into you and your child’s nighttime routine. 

You can set the Echo Glow to change to a certain color when it is time for bed. This allows your child to play independently and learn autonomy. When they see the light change, they know it’s time for bed without mom or dad having to come and tell them.

Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth

Another beneficial nighttime routine assist is to set a timer for brushing their teeth. Have the Amazon Echo Glow turn a certain color for 2 minutes to let them know they have brushed their teeth for the appropriate amount of time. 

It becomes even easier when the Amazon Echo Glow is connected to an Amazon Echo, and the timers can be set with Alexa.

Pair with an Echo Dot Kids to Use Alexa Voice Commands

If you have an Amazon Echo Glow in your kid’s room, you might as well get them an Echo Dot Kids to go along with it. It opens up a world of features. Kid-safe music, books, bedtime stories, and learning opportunities by being able to ask Alexa questions. Then they can start asking Alexa to control their Amazon Echo Glow night light with voice commands.

The ability to use Alexa and not solely use the Alexa app makes the Echo Glow a much more user-friendly device. Some example commands are

  • “Set bedroom light [any color].”
  • “Set an alarm for [any time].”
  • “Start a dance party!”

“Start a dance party!” will have the Amazon Echo Glow change the color rhythmically to the music playing. You can change the music playing through the Amazon Echo while the dance party continues playing on the Amazon Echo Glow.

If you’re having trouble pairing your Spotify to your Alexa device, we made a quick video to help you:

The Sky is The Limit with Alexa Routines

With Alexa Routines; you are limited only by your imagination as to what the Amazon Echo Glow can accomplish, within the limits of a nightlight, of course. Alexa routines are like voice commands programs you can set that Alexa will run through when given the order.

You can create an Alexa routine that has you saying “Alexa, Good Morning!” and then Alexa will turn on your network-enabled lights, start your favorite playlist on Spotify, and start reading you the weather. Anything is possible if you can just come up with the right set of voice commands.


The Amazon Echo Glow is a neat device, especially for young kids. It wouldn’t be out of place on an adult’s desk, for sure, but it is designed to help young children get used to using modern technology without being overwhelmed with features.

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