5 Ways To Make Your iPhone Hotspot Faster

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There are many ways you can boost your iPhone’s Hotspot speed. Hotspots are amazing for on-the-go activities, but a slow Hotspot is as good as no Hotspot!

5 Ways To Make Your iPhone Hotspot Faster

Disable Low Data Saver

Low Data Saver restrains from maximizing your Hotspot speed. This is to conserve data, but it also slows down your internet. It only takes a few steps to disable it, though.

  1. First go into “Settings” and find the “Cellular” option.
  2. You will see “Cellular Data Options” near the top, open it.
  3. Turn off “Low Data Mode” and while you are here might as well turn off “Roaming.”

Close Apps You Are Not Using

You can close the apps that you are not using. When the apps are left open, they continue to use your data, slowing down your cellular data. 

You can simply swipe up on your home screen to pull up open apps. It should look like that when you pull them up.

To clear them or close them, just swipe up. If you never have done this, you may be spending a few minutes closing all the tabs!

Restrict Or Turn Off Cellular Data For Apps

Another way to boost your speed is restricting or turning off some apps from using your cellular data. Your phone will only allow those apps to have access to WiFi connections.

The process is simple. First, you will need to go into your settings application and open “Cellular.” 

Next, you will scroll down to the section called “Cellular Data” where all the applications are you can turn off access to your cellular data. Just turn off all of them or the ones you don’t normally use.

Turn Off Your Background Refresh Setting

Your applications have a “background refresh” settings so that the applications continue running even when you don’t use them. 

You can turn this off for faster hotspot speeds. First, you will need to open the settings application.

Scroll down to “General” and open it up. There will be several options on this screen, but “Background App Refresh” will be about midway.

Open it up and you can either turn off “Background App Refresh” completely for all applications, which gives you the best results or you can turn off specific apps.

Turn Off Bluetooth Connections

You can turn off your bluetooth connections. The quickest way is to use the drop down menu and clicking on the “bluetooth” symbol so it is no longer highlighted.

If you still need to have some devices connected, you can go into the bluetooth menu option to disconnect each device individually.

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