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3 Best Smart Locks for Fence Gates

Last Updated Jun 10, 2022
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Keeping your home secure with smart locks doesn’t have to be limited to your front door. Many homeowners live on properties that extend beyond their house, including yards, gated pools, fenced off play areas, and more, and there are many reasons you may want to keep these areas protected. Knowing this, I wanted to find the best smart locks for fence gates.

Our picks for the three best smart locks for fence gates will focus on locks with the most features, are budget-friendly, and have an auto-locking ability. But, if these smart locks aren’t compatible with your setup, there are some alternatives as well.

Features to Look for in Smart Locks for Fence Gates

When you’re shopping for an exterior smart lock for your fence gates, there are a few essential features to focus on. First and foremost, the lock will be installed outdoors, so the device you choose should be weather resistant to endure the elements.

Additionally, it is expected that many perimeter gates are not easily visible from your house. That being the case, it’s helpful for a smart lock to have a camera feature. Though this isn’t as necessary as being weatherproof, the ability to remotely and visually monitor your property directly on a mobile device is undeniably beneficial.

With these features in mind, let’s look at the top three best smart locks for your fence gate.

1.  Ultraloq UL3

If you want a versatile smart lock packed with features, we recommend the Ultraloq UL3. Coming in at the highest price point on our list, the Ultraloq smart lock is both waterproof and dustproof, allowing it to be installed either indoors or outdoors.

The installation is straightforward and doesn’t require any complicated wiring or drilling. It doesn’t need a deadbolt and can be installed on any door or gate with a standard knob or lever (1-⅜” to 1-¾” hole).

Here are some additional features offered by the Ultraloq UL3:

  • 3-in-1 Keyless Entry – This smart lock has a fingerprint sensor, code entry, and physical backup key. Additionally, the device can store up to 95 fingerprints, allowing you to create a unique entry method for your friends and family. The physical keyhole is hidden on the bottom of the device and adds an extra level of security.
  • Long Battery Life The Ultraloq UL3 has low battery usage, allowing for access up to 8,000 times. It also has a low battery alarm on both the physical OLED display and on your smartphone, so you can replace the batteries before the device dies.
  •  3 Locking Modes – The Ultraloq smart lock allows for three different locking settings:Auto re-lock, so you never have to worry about locking your gate, privacy lockout, and free passage (if you’re having a party with guests coming in and out of an otherwise restricted area).

Though the abundance of unique features comes with a higher price tag, the versatility of the UL3 can meet the needs of many homeowners looking to secure their fence gates or other exterior areas. If you’re in the market for a more budget-friendly option, or if these features don’t appeal to you, don’t worry—there are some promising alternatives.

2.  MEGAFEIS Padlock

Going with a more budget-friendly smart lock doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security and functionality. The MEGAFEIS Padlock is an exterior smart lock designed to provide your home with additional protection without breaking the bank.

It has an IP65 weatherproof rating, ideal for outdoors, and is made of stainless steel, making it tamper-resistant. Since it is a padlock, it can also be used in various applications, from gym lockers and bike locks to gates and storage units.

Other notable features of the MEGAFEIS Padlock include:

  • Lower Power Consumption – The MEGAFEIS padlock has a rechargeable 150 mAh lithium battery that can last up to 6 months on standby, or 2,500 unlocks on a single charge.The battery is rechargeable via USB connection and will remain locked even when the battery dies, providing peace of mind should you lose power.
  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader – With the MEGAFEIS padlock, you don’t have to worry about an extra set of keys for your lock or remembering a complicated combination. The device can store up to 15 fingerprints so that friends and family can use it too.
  • Bluetooth and Mobile App Compatible – Using Bluetooth, the MEGAFEIS can be unlocked through the associated app when you’re within a certain proximity of the device. Additionally, you can add users, register fingerprints, and even view the past 1000 unlocks through the app, giving you an additional level of control.

3.  Turbolock Smart Lock

For around the same price as the MEGAFEIS Padlock, you could also opt for the comparable Turbolock smart lock. This device is easy to install and is both water and dust resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The Turbolock has a physical keypad able to store up to 10 codes, each 6 to 15 digits long. This smart lock also has a passage mode, allowing guests at get-togethers to unlock the device with a single button.

Here’s a look at some of the additional features of the Turbolock smart lock:

  • Automatic Locking Feature – This smart lock will automatically re-lock after 3 seconds, so you won’t have to ask yourself, “Did I lock my gate?” This is ideal for an exterior lock or fence gate, as you won’t have to worry about your perimeter’s security.
  • Backup Battery – The Turbolock uses 4 AAA batteries and can last up to a year (or two years with lithium batteries) without needing to be replaced. The batteries are replaced on the front of the unit, so you won’t have to disassemble the device every time you replace them. Additionally, it comes with a separate backup battery unit that can be used if your device dies or you forget to replace the batteries.
  • Discreet Password Entry – The Turbolock allows for discreet password entry, which is excellent for outdoor use where you may be more exposed to prying eyes. With this function, you can enter the first digit of your code, followed by any amount of random numbers before entering the remainder of your actual code. Even if someone is watching you enter the passcode, it would be impossible to determine the exact digits used.

Alternatives to Secure your Fence Gates

What if you already have an interior smart lock you like and want to use it outdoors? Or what if the above listed smart locks aren’t compatible with your smart home ecosystem? Fortunately, some alternatives will provide comparable levels of security for your outdoor gate.

Amazon sells a weatherproof cover specifically designed to protect your indoor smart lock from the outdoor elements. This cover can be used in temperatures from -40° to 250°F, allowing it to be installed almost anywhere. If you have a smart lock you already like that isn’t rated for weather resistance, you can simply install the weatherproof cover to use the smart lock for outdoor applications.

In Summary

When it comes to using smart locks for fence gates, homeowners aren’t limited by what they can only use indoors. If you’re looking for locks that can provide you peace of mind, and additional protection, there are many comparable options.

The models mentioned in this article are a great place to start, as they are all weather-resistant and provide smart features compatible with a variety of setups and applications.

Looking for a smart lock you can use for interior doors? Check out this article!

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