100 Social Media Abbreviations and Slang You Should Probably Know

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Have you ever gone through Instagram and come across a term or abbreviation without knowing the meeting? This situation happens more than you think.

Please continue reading to learn the one hundred most common abbreviations and slang you should know before you log into Instagram.

The Basics

Instagram is a popular social media website, so it’s best to know basic Internet slang before using Instagram frequently.

The following are some of the most common acronyms and phrases you’ll run across while you scroll through Instagram, no matter what type of people you follow.

  • LOL– Laugh out loud
  • OMG– Oh my god
  • IG– I guess/Instagram
  • FB– Facebook
  • ASAP– As soon as possible
  • BRB– Be right back
  • AFK– Away from the keyboard
  • SMH– Shake my head
  • DM– Direct message
  • LMK– Let me know
  • ISTG– I swear to god
  • MSG– message
  • FYI– For your information
  • IMO– In my opinion
  • GN– Good night
  • GM– Good morning
  • ASL– Age, sex, location
  • IDK– I don’t know
  • NSFW– Not safe for work
  • NSFL– Not safe for life
  • FR– For real

All the above are popular acronyms used throughout the Internet, whether in the DMS or scrolling through your feed.

Common Phrases

If you use Instagram without understanding common Internet lingo, you’ll have trouble understanding many posts.

Many people who make Instagram posts use slang without even realizing it because their eyes are accustomed to seeing the following phrases regularly.

  • Period– Usually added to the end of a rant to punctuate the point
  • Drip– Cool outfit
  • Ice– Nice jewelry
  • Salty– Angry
  • Spicy– Used to describe someone as angry or to describe NSFW content
  • Ghosted– Talking to someone and then being ignored abruptly
  • Lowkey– Subtle
  • Highkey– Obvious
  • Bruh– Bro
  • Cheugy– Description of clothing popular in the 2010s
  • Rent free– Obsessively thinking about something or someone
  • Caught in 4k– Bad behavior caught on video or in a photo
  • F in the chat– To pay respects
  • Take the L– Accept the loss
  • Main Character– Being the center of the story or situation
  • Extra– Being dramatic or doing too much in a situation
  • No cap– No lies
  • Cap– You’re lying
  • Fire– Describes something cool

Most common Internet phrases stem from viral videos or memes.

So, if you missed out on that video or meme, you might have trouble keeping up with your surroundings online.


Acronyms are a shortened way for people to talk online so they don’t spend too long typing.

When people make posts on Instagram, they usually only take a few minutes to write the post, so there are many acronyms. The following are popular acronyms you’ll find on Instagram.

  • FOMO– Fear of missing out
  • IKR– I know, right?
  • TLDR– Too long didn’t read
  • AMA– Ask me anything
  • GTG/G2G– Got to go
  • GG– Good game
  • IMO– In my opinion
  • TTYL– Talk to you later
  • YOLO– You only live once
  • JK– Just kidding
  • IMY– I miss you
  • ILY– I love you
  • IDC– I don’t care
  • BAE– Before anyone else
  • BFFL– Best friends for life
  • BFF– Best friend forever
  • BF– Boyfriend
  • GF– Girlfriend
  • POV– Point of view
  • TBH– To be honest
  • TFW– That feeling when

To navigate Instagram, you need to understand the shortened way people talk about things.

If you memorize the above list of acronyms, you’re off to a great start for searching Instagram without confusion.

Things and People

Instagram has been around for a long time, so there are many Internet things you need to know related to social platforms.

The following is a list of common things you’ll encounter while you search through Instagram to understand what you’re looking at.

  • Hashtag– A way people search for content
  • Meme– A funny image with text that’s usually relatable
  • Influencer– A popular person, usually on Instagram, that people take influence from
  • Emote– Express emotion dramatically as though you’re in a video game
  • Redditor– A person who frequents Reddit
  • Hype beast– An influencer that shows off how much money they have through material items
  • Tiktoker– Someone who became popular on TikTok
  • Youtuber– A person who makes videos on YouTube
  • Viral– A post that gets seen by millions of people, usually referring to a video

So, the next time you hear someone talk about a viral video by a hype beast influencer, you’ll understand what they’re talking about.

Day of the Week Hashtags

People use Instagram to share photos and videos of themselves with their Instagram followers. Some people prefer accomplishing this task on a set schedule.

Posting day-of-the-week hashtags is a popular way of sharing photos and videos with Instagram followers. The following are the most popular day-of-the-week hashtags you’ll encounter on Instagram.

  • Thirsty Thursday– Posts that involve drinks or drinking on Thursday
  • Throwback Thursday– Posting an old picture on Thursday for nostalgia
  • Taco Tuesday– Eating a Taco on Tuesday, especially popular among restaurants
  • Flashback Friday– Posting an old photo on Friday
  • Selfie Sunday– Posting a picture of yourself on a Sunday
  • Man Crush Monday– Posting a picture of a man you find attractive on a Monday
  • Woman Crush Wednesday– Posting a picture of a woman you find attractive on a Wednesday
  • Self-care Sunday– Doing relaxing activities on a Sunday
  • Caturday– Posting your cat on a Saturday
  • Sunday Funday– Posting a silly picture on a Sunday
  • Motivation Monday– Posting a motivational image or quote on a Monday
  • Humpday– The middle of the week or Wednesday
  • Transformation Tuesday– Posting an old picture next to a new picture on a Tuesday to compare them to each other
  • Saturday Vibes– Posting whatever you’re doing on a Saturday, typically something fun
  • Wine Wednesday-Posting a glass or bottle of wine on a Wednesday
  • TGIF– Being thankful it’s the end of the work week on a Friday
  • Friyay– Another way of saying TGIF
  • Monday Mood– Posting a selfie and describing how you feel on a Monday, usually negative because it’s the beginning of the work week.

Now that you know some popular days people like to make certain posts on Instagram, you may be inclined to post your selfie on a Sunday instead of just any day.

Using day-of-the-week hashtags is also a fantastic way to celebrate throughout the week and boost your overall mood.

Popular Category Phrases on Instagram

When you spend more time on Instagram, you’ll find a niche of content you enjoy. However, finding this niche can be hard when you’re brand new to the platform.

The following are popular posts people make on Instagram, so you know how to find the content you like.

  • Food porn– Pictures of delicious food that you can drool over
  • Petfluencer– A popular Instagram account dedicated to a pet
  • Fitspo– pictures posted to inspire others to get fit
  • Beauty Guru– An influencer that specializes in skincare or makeup
  • Contests– a promotional posed by an influencer or brand to encourage people to follow the page by offering prizes
  • Polls– a post that you can vote on to get your opinion on a topic
  • Product placements– an Instagram post, usually a photo, that shows off the product without directly saying it’s an advertisement.
  • Lifestyle posts– pictures people post about their lifestyle, usually involving travel
  • Quotes– popular quotes by celebrities, influencers, or for inspiration.
  • Reels– short videos you can post on Instagram,similar to TikTok
  • Stories– a post you can add to Instagram that will only last 24 hours
  • Behind the scenes– a post by an actor or director that shows the behind-the-scenes of a movie or TV show.
  • Hobbies– any subcategories that have to do with popular hobbies like cooking, drawing, knitting, etcetera.

Whether you’re interested in a hobby, a fan of a TV show, or looking for motivation to hit the gym, there’s an Instagram demographic crafted for your interest.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the most common slang terms and abbreviations you’ll come across on Instagram, you can feel more confident on social media.

It can be difficult to keep up with the evolution of language that people use on their socials, so you may come across terms you don’t know often.

As time passes, people will come up with more slang and abbreviations on social media websites like Instagram.

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