Why Your LIFX Bulb Won’t Connect to HomeKit


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LIFX LED smart light bulbs to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and can be voice-controlled with your Apple HomeKit. To control your LIFX bulb with your HomeKit, the two devices must be connected, so I gathered information to help you connect the two devices and troubleshoot any connection issues. 

A LIFX bulb must have up-to-date firmware to connect to an Apple HomeKit. Update the firmware if needed in the LIFX app. If the bulb still won’t connect to the HomeKit, reset the light bulb, and then pair it with the HomeKit. Ensure that the HomeKit code is entered correctly.

Because there are several reasons why your LIFX bulb might not connect to your HomeKit, there are different troubleshooting tips to try. This guide will help you determine the root of your connection issue and solve it quickly.

Troubleshooting LIFX Bulb and HomeKit Connection

LIFX smart light bulbs were not originally compatible with Apple HomeKit. This compatibility was added in 2017. Therefore, if you have an older LIFX bulb, you may need to update the bulb’s firmware or reset it to its factory settings in order to connect it with your HomeKit.

However, the first step is to make sure your LIFX bulb is actually compatible with HomeKit since some older versions of LIFX bulbs are not.

Compatible Devices

Most but not all LIFX bulbs are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. If your LIFX bulb won’t connect to your HomeKit, check the list below to make sure it’s compatible.

The following LIFX bulbs are compatible with Apple HomeKit:

  • A19 and + A19
  • BR30 and + BR30
  • Downlight
  • GU10
  • Mini Color
  • Mini Day and Dusk
  • Mini White
  • LIFX Z – 2nd generation
  • LIFX Beam
  • LIFX Tile
  • LIFX Candle

LIFX Firmware Updates

If you purchased your LIFX bulb before LIFX integrated their lights with Apple’s HomeKit, you will need to upgrade your LIFX bulb’s firmware to make is compatible with your HomeKit.

Here are the simple steps to update the firmware:

  1. Open the LIFX app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Click on the light bulb that you want to upgrade.
  3. Under Firmware, select “Upgrade”. If it says “Up to date”, then out of date firmware isn’t causing your connection problem.
  4. If you have multiple LIFX bulbs, all of the outdated ones will be updated at the same time. If you have any bulbs that you don’t want to upgrade at this time, turn those bulbs off before you press the “Upgrade” button.

How to Reset Your LIFX Bulb

If you upgraded your firmware, but your LIFX bulb still won’t connect to HomeKit, it’s time to reset your light bulb. Follow the steps below.

  1. Turn your LIFX bulb on.
  2. Flip the light off and on five times at intervals of about two seconds.
  3. When the bulb starts flashing between its various color options, its been successfully reset. Now, you will need to set up the bulb again in the LIFX app.
  4. From the home page of the app, click on the + sign.
  5. Select “LIFX & HomeKit Set-Up”.
  6. Tap “Get started”.
  7. Your light bulb should automatically appear on the list. Click on it.
  8. If the light bulb doesn’t automatically appear, click on “Add any light”. Follow the directions on the screen to select your light bulb in your phone’s Wi-Fi settings. If the LIFX bulb network requires a password, it is lifx1234. Go back to the LIFX app to complete the set-up process.
  9. Select your home.
  10. Scan your LIFX bulb’s HomeKit code from the bulb’s packaging or enter the code manually. Make sure to save this code in case you need to reset your light again in the future. If you no longer have the packaging, you can find the code in the LIFX app.
  11. Select the location and group for your light.
  12. Name your light bulb.

HomeKit Code

In order to pair your LIFX bulb with your HomeKit, you will need to enter the HomeKit code that came on the LIFX bulb packaging. If you threw the packaging away, don’t worry. You can find the code in the LIFX app.

  1. Select the light you want to pair.
  2. Under HomeKit, select “Pair”.
  3. Select “Get Code”.
  4. You can write the code down or save it onto your phone as a PDF or image.

When pairing the devices, ensure that you enter the code correctly or the pairing will not work.

Using LIFX Bulb With HomeKit

Once the devices are successfully connected, you can use your voice to control your LIFX bulb through your HomeKit or even using Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

Voice Commands

For all voice commands, start with the wake word “Hey Siri”.

Here’s the list of commands that work with your LIFX bulb:

  • “Turn on [bulb name]”.
  • “Turn off [bulb name]”.
  • “Dim [bulb name]”.
  • “Dim [bulb name] to [percentage]”.
  • “Set [bulb name] to [color]”.

Note that all LIFX bulbs are dimmable, but different versions of LIFX bulbs have different color options. Check what type of LIFX bulb you have to determine which color options you can say when voice controlling your LIFX bulb.

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