Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad? Breaking It Down


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When shopping for a new internet service provider, it is important to look into all the reviews. This will give you an idea of what you will be signing up for. Although many people tend to be harsh on the internet, some reviews are often valid. This brings us to the question, why is Spectrum internet so bad?

Spectrum Internet service has a bad reputation because it has limited bandwidth for its clients to use. It slows down the overall network causing people who use it to cry out angrily at low speeds. They are also not known for providing good customer service.

Keep reading to discover more reasons why Spectrum has such a bad reputation in the internet provider market.

Why is Spectrum Internet So Bad?

Although Spectrum is not the worst internet available, it occasionally has a hard time winning new customers. Although this can be said about most internet providers, Spectrum is not typically the exception but the rule. Here are the most common reasons why people say Spectrum internet is so bad:

  • Slow upload speeds
  • Confusing brand management
  • Frequent billing problems such as higher than expected bills
  • Slower internet speeds than what you pay for
  • Horrible customer support

Keep reading to find out how these issues cause people to be upset with their service from Spectrum, as well as things you can do if you don’t have many other options in your area.

Uploads Take Ages

Like most ISP internet providers, the download speeds on Spectrum are great, but the upload speeds leave users wanting. These speeds are so bad that people claim to have to wait hours to get their files uploaded onto the internet.  While this may be an exaggeration, they are known for their slow upload speeds. If you aren’t trying to upload, then it may not be an issue for you.

Branding Miscommunications

Another problem that Spectrum finds itself having is the fact that there is another internet service provider with a similar name. Charter Spectrum is a separate internet service from Spectrum. They also provide services to consumers, and these consumers do not all think the best of this brand. If they do not look carefully, they can leave a bad review for Spectrum.

Billing Problems

Many users claim to have billing discrepancies with Spectrum. Occasionally the bill will go up without notice, the bill will come in missing the line item for each charge, or the internet will slow down randomly because they claim the bill is not paid. This is not only frustrating but a sign of truly poor customer service.

Speeds Aren’t Fast Enough

There are three tiers of internet speeds offered by Spectrum. There are three tiers of bandwidth available: 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 1200 Mbps. Most people can find similar speeds at other providers, so there is little reason to switch. One major difference is the amount of bandwidth provided to users to provide users with these speeds. 

When it comes to bandwidth, Spectrum is severely lacking, so even though you are paying for high speeds, you likely are not getting the high speeds you pay for. This makes many users irate because they feel as if they should get the speeds they pay for. Spectrum protects these practices with their acceptable use policy, essentially squashing the argument.

There is no Support in Customer Support

The biggest complaint that Spectrum users have is the lack of customer support they receive. When a user calls in, they are often met with underqualified and occasionally rude employees that cannot solve customer issues and come to a resolution. This is absolutely infuriating most times, and other users have reviewed Spectrum poorly based on this fact alone.

Turning a New Leaf

Unfortunately, some people do not have a choice in the internet provider they have for their home. This may be due to local legislation or the lack of wiring in their area. If this is the case and you are stuck using Spectrum, do not panic; you can improve the experience. Here are some tips to make your Spectrum internet a little bit better:

  1. Invest in your own router. A high-quality router will help improve the signal strength of your WiFi connection in your home. You can go to Spectrum’s website to see compatible routers that work with their ISP services.
  2. Invest in your own modem. A new modem is another great way to increase internet reliability and decrease frustrations with Spectrum. A high-quality modem will provide better speeds for your home.
  3. Place equipment in an open area. This will increase the output of internet service and decrease slowdowns. It will also help strengthen the overall signal by providing the best connection. If you have a larger home, consider creating a mesh network.
  4. Adjust your bandwidth. If you do not need a lot of bandwidth, or you think you may need a little more, then go into your Spectrum settings and adjust your bandwidth. This bandwidth typically defaults at 20 MHz which can be slow. Pop it up to 40 MHz and enjoy stronger connections.

These little tips and tricks may not prevent every slowdown or blackout, but they will improve your quality of service overall. They may seem costly initially, but these investments will pay themselves off over time.

Spectrum isn’t All That Bad

As far as pricing and service area go, Spectrum is truly not that bad. In fact, US News ranked it the 5th best internet provider in the US. Considering that there are more than 1,000 internet providers in the US, that isn’t all that bad. Every company can have issues, so do not sell them short on a few bad apples. Instead, try them out and see if they fit you well.

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