Why is My Lenovo Battery draining so fast?

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One thing that is usually of huge concern to a PC is the lifespan of the battery. For a PC, the lifespan of a battery is the amount of time it takes your battery to drain completely. Constantly having to charge your battery or, even worse, staying plugged in all the time defeats the whole purpose of a laptop, so let’s solve that problem.

The main reason your Lenovo battery is draining so fast is that the battery is getting tired and needs a replacement. Also, old batteries tend to drain quicker than new batteries. If your battery is old, replacement might be your best option. You can buy a new battery from the manufacturer or retail outlet in your vicinity.

If your Lenovo battery is draining fast and you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for all you need to know on why your Lenovo battery is draining so fast.

Why Your Lenovo Battery is Draining So Fast

In most cases, there’s a simple answer to why your Lenovo battery is draining so fast. Barring any serious issues or damage to your Lenovo, the following have been confirmed to contribute significantly to battery drain in Lenovo PC:

  • Too many applications or processes are running in the background. When you open too many applications or processes on your computer, the battery tries to overwork itself to ensure that the various applications and processes you have opened are running effectively. 
  • An abrupt change in settings within the system’s function.
  • High brightness or display. If you always use your battery on a high display, there is a possibility that the battery will start draining faster than you would want it to.
  • Network connections. Too many network connections contribute to significant battery drain because your PC is running heavily.
  • Corrupted firmware can cause a power failure most of the time.
  • There is a possibility that one of the installed drivers is faulty. If that is the case, your Lenovo won’t run properly, and your battery will drain fast.

How to Prevent Your Lenovo Battery from Draining So Fast

Now that you have seen various reasons why your battery is draining faster let us examine how you can fix this problem. Up next, we’ll share a few things you can do to help keep your Lenovo battery from draining so fast.

Adjust The Brightness of The Screen

Now that you know screen brightness is a contributing factor to draining a battery, it’s time to make those necessary changes to prolong your battery life.

  • Navigate to Settings (you can reach the settings by typing Settings on the search bar at the lower right side of the screen).
  • Select System and choose Display.
  • From here, you will see the brightness slider that can allow you to either increase or decrease the brightness of your screen. However, you should adjust the brightness to a considerable level to prevent your battery from draining faster.  

Change The Power Settings on Your PC

Your battery’s current problem might be due to a recent change in the Power settings. However, this can be solved easily.

  • Navigate to Settings, click on System and select Power & Sleep.
  • From here, you will be able to adjust settings for screen time and sleep when your PC is turned ON or in hibernation mode.
  • Furthermore, you can scroll to the “Additional Power Settings,” where you will be able to run a balanced or optimized plan on your computer. You can even decide to create your power plan from here.

Reduce The Network Connection

If there are too many peripheral devices or networks connected to your PC, then your battery will also drain faster.

  • Open Settings, and then click on Network Connections to check which connection is active on your computer.
  • In some versions of Windows, you can navigate to the Control Panel, select Network, and Internet, and then tap Network Connections.   
  • Select any network, right-click on the network and disable the network or forget it. When you do this, you will be able to minimize the number of active networks on your computer.

Note: These troubleshooting techniques might not work if your laptop battery is old. If the battery is old, the best thing you can do is consider getting a new one.

What to Know About Your Lenovo Battery

Knowing how your Lenovo battery operates can extend the battery life itself, as well as save you time in the troubleshooting department.

  • The way Windows computes the available battery charge depends heavily on how you are using the PC at that particular moment. 
  • When you look at the battery indicator at the lower end of the screen and you see that only about an hour of battery lifetime is left, you then change the way you use your computer afterward. Then the way Windows compute battery use will change depending on the discharge rate of your PC.
  • If your doubt is about how fast the monitor of the battery suddenly dropped or changed, it is highly likely that you are using your computer to carry out a heavy task such as playing games, watching a movie, or doing some other tasks.

Final Thoughts

Since it has been noted that certain screen activities drain the battery faster than others, it’s then best to reduce such activities to the barest minimum to preserve the battery’s life. However, the tips discussed in the article can still help to ensure that you derive your money-worth from PC batteries before they start developing faults.

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