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Why Is My Blink Doorbell Offline?

Last Updated Jul 28, 2022
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A Blink Doorbell is a great way to monitor who is at your home and when people arrive. It is especially useful when you want to monitor your home when away on vacation or at work. When the Blink Doorbell is working, it is a thing of beauty. However, when it is not, you may wonder, why is my Blink Doorbell offline?

Your Blink Doorbell may be offline due to internet connection issues, dead batteries, or because the model is damaged. Each of these circumstances can result due to an array of different reasons. It is important to identify which issue is causing the problem before you try to fix it.

Now that you know why your Blink Doorbell is not working, continue reading to learn more in-depth ways to fix these problems. These quick fixes will help you get your doorbell camera functional and bring back your peace of mind.

Why Blink Doorbell is Offline

Sometimes technology stops functioning properly. This is true of any electronic device on the market today. It is just a part of nature we must learn to live with. Luckily, most of the time, when technology stops functioning, there are ways to troubleshoot the problems. Here are the main reasons why:

  • You don’t have a Blink Sync Module, or the Sync Module is out of range.
  • The WiFi is slow, or it’s not the correct internet speed.
  • The WiFi is out.
  • The Blink Doorbell is too far from the WiFi.
  • The batteries are dead or dying.
  • The Blink Doorbell is damaged.

Continue reading to learn more about these common issues and the best way to solve them.

Out of Sync

Blink Doorbell works best with a Sync Module. The Sync Module handles communication between Blink servers and the doorbell attached to your home. 

The doorbell needs to connect to the Sync Module to send these communications. If the doorbell does not have the sync module, it will only work in Event Response Mode.

Slow WiFi

The Blink Doorbell camera runs on 2.4GHz internet connections. If this internet connection slows down or falls under this threshold, the Blink Doorbell will not function. 

The best way to fix this problem is to power cycle your router and modem. This should be done when the Blink Doorbell batteries are removed from the device for best results. 

After the power cycle, put the batteries back into the Blink Doorbell and see if it works properly. If it still seems slow, call your internet provider to see if there is an issue with your internet.

Be careful when upgrading your modem and router. Many are switching to 5HGz, so make sure you find one that also offers 2.4 GHz.

No WiFi

Lack of an internet connection is also one of the culprits of the Doorbell Offline message appearing in the Blink App. This will cause all of the doorbell functions to stop working. A warning will pop up on the app itself, and the doorbell will start flashing red to alert anyone who sees it that there is an internet issue.

The best way to solve this internet problem is to try power cycling your router and modem. If that does not work, call the internet provider and ask for a signal refresh. 

If the router and modem are still not producing internet to the rest of the house, it is time to replace the router and modem inside the home. Faulty equipment will lead to nonexistent internet connections.

Proximity to WiFi

If the router is placed too far from the Blink Doorbell, it may result in intermittent internet connection or a lack of internet signal. This Blink Home app will give you a Doorbell Offline warning to inform you about the internet issue. Now that you know it’s an internet problem, it’s time to work on fixing the signal strength that your router provides.

One way to fix the signal strength is to move the router closer to the doorbell. This may be a simple fix, or it may not be a convenient fix. It depends on your home’s wiring. 

You could always invest in a WiFi extender to avoid moving the router. This will push the WiFi signal further through the house and give enough internet connectivity to the Blink Doorbell.

Dead Batteries

If the power has died on the Blink Doorbell, it will provide you with a Doorbell Offline message on the app. The Blink app will warn you when the batteries start to get low on the device. It gives users a warning at 10%. If you do not take this warning seriously, the doorbell will die and sit powerless until you go outside and fix it.

The Blink Doorbell runs on 2 AA batteries. These batteries can be any brand, but lithium batteries tend to have a longer-lasting life cycle. 

When the batteries get hot or cold due to temperature fluctuation in the area you live in, consider swapping them out. Extreme temperatures can mess with the whole life a battery has to offer.

Damaged Hardware

Sometimes inclement weather can cause damage to the Blink Doorbell itself. If enough damage is sustained, the user could find themselves with the dreaded Doorbell Offline message. Go outside and take inventory of the state of your Blink Doorbell. It may be broken if dented, scratched, loose, or cracked. In this case, it is time to buy a new one.

Back In Action

Once you finish troubleshooting the doorbell and get it back in action, you can relax, knowing you have another layer of security for your home and family. The Blink Doorbell is a great smart home device at an affordable price. A little troubleshooting to get it up and running is worth it.