Why is Insignia TV So Slow?

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Many people prefer insignia televisions because they serve as more than just a television box. Most Insignia television owners also use them for video games and surfing the internet. As with most smart devices, the Insignia television can also experience lags that make your experience less than ideal.

Your Insignia TV is slow because of several reasons, it could be issues with the remote, internet connection, device memory or an out-of-date TV and streaming sticks. Generally, a reset is the most effective way to fix slow response and lags on an Insignia TV.

In most cases, a reset should solve all issues; however, if this recurs, the problem might be something else altogether. Read on to find exact solutions for your specific problem, ranging from slow response, delays, issues connecting to the internet, and input lags.

Why Your Insignia TV is Slow

If you have an Insignia TV, you want the best experience possible, and delays and input lags are not part of that experience. In cases where the tv reset doesn’t solve the issue, then the problem with your Insignia TV might be due to the TV remote or internet connection. There are several fixes you can try to fix the lags/delays in these cases.

Insignia TV Remote

If the issue you are encountering is with the TV remote, the batteries might be causing the lag, and replacing them will fix the problem. Also, ensure that the TV remote is working properly and that no buttons are stuck or broken. In the case of a stuck button, pop it back into place using a small pin or toothpick. If all fails, you will need a new remote for your Insignia TV.

Internet Connection

Your Insignia TV might be slow because of your internet connection

  • Check your connection and confirm that it is working correctly on another device. Also, check the signal strength and other network information on your TV.
  • Unplug your television, wait for 60-seconds and then plug it back in, reconnect to the internet and start using the television.
  • Reset your modem/router to fix slow internet issues. You can also restart your router/modem by unplugging it, waiting at least 60 seconds, and then plugging it back in and using it again.

Several other issues might be making your Insignia TV slow/lag when watching shows or playing video games. Let’s explore those issues in depth.

How To Fix Delays On The Insignia TV

Your Insignia TV might be experiencing delays and slow responses due to the following issues.

Device Memory

Your Insignia TV uses memory, which means that it is prone to delays when the memory is used up, especially if you have many apps running on your TV. Low memory will cause lags and poor experience when playing video games. A reset by switching off the television and unplugging it from the outlet will help clear the memory.

Audio Issues

Problems with the audio format might cause delays on your Insignia TV. To solve this, select ‘Audio’ in the settings menu and go into ‘digital audio format/audio delay.’ Select the audio format and change it to PCM.

Input Lags and Poor Resolution

Poor picture quality and input lags can destroy your television experience. However, it is possible to solve this issue. Simply disable the picture processing features on your Insignia television. Go to device settings, select ‘advanced video settings and turn off all picture processing options.

App Issues

You might find that your apps are not opening correctly or at all. In some cases, the apps keep crashing. This can be solved by clearing cache and app data. On your television, select applications and under manage installed applications, clear the cache of the apps experiencing delays and other issues. 

Slow Startup

Your Insignia television might experience slow startups; with the TV taking ages to boot, you will have lost interest in what you wanted to do or watch. This can be caused by a couple of things that are easy to fix.

  • Perform a hard reset on your television. When you have so many apps running, loading heavy videos and games to your TV, the tv might start lagging during startup. Switch off the TV, unplug it and leave it unused for a little while to allow time to reset before you switch it on again.
  • Check your streaming sticks connected to the Insignia TV. You might have Roku or Firestick causing you delays during startup and when the television is used. To clear these problems, unplug these devices from the tv and the outlet for at least 60-seconds. 
  • You can also update your Insignia television and streaming sticks. Ensure that your Insignia TV and streaming sticks run on the latest version.

If you have tried each of the fixes outlined above and are still experiencing issues with your Insignia TV, consult the manufacturer or licensed Insignia TV dealer for more assistance.


Like most smart devices, your Insignia TV is prone to some issues. But don’t fret, as there are many fixes to help you solve delays, slow responses, and connectivity issues with your Insignia TV.

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