Where To Put Essential Oils In Levoit Humidifier

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In a Levoit humidifier, put essential oils into the little tray that holds the pads. Those pads will absorb the scent and disburse it accordingly. Putting essential oils in the tank could cause damage if done long-term. 

Where To Put Essential Oils In Levoit Smart Humidifier

You can put the essential oils in the little tray that houses the essential oils aroma pad in your Levoit Humidifier. You will need to add about 8 drops. 

To open the tray, all you need to do is press inwards on it, and it will slide right out. Once done, just push it back in and it will stay. 

Repeat this process every 12 hours to keep the scent smelling fresh in your home. Since the pads are removable and replaceable, you can replace them for different scents!

Some oils may lose scent quicker than others, but this solely depends on the essential oils you buy. If the oils don’t last very long, it could be the quality of the brand.

Can The Essential Oils Be Added To The Water?

You should never add the essential oils to the water or the main compartment of the humidifier. 

Essential oils in the water are considered a foreign substance that can cause your humidifier’s filter to wear down and eventually break. Or, at least, you’ll find that you have to clean it more. You don’t want that!

The only thing that should be going into your main compartment is either distilled water or purified water. You can use tap water, but if it isn’t filtered, any extra minerals in the water can cause issues to your humidifier.

Essential Oils and Levoit Smart Humidifiers

Levoit Smart Humidifiers are capable of handling essential oils just like a standard model. Though the Levoit Smart Humidifier has a lot of capabilities, you will have to treat it the same as a regular one. 

As of now, smart models are not able to add essential oils to the pad for you, tell you when the oil is low, or allow you to choose the strength of the scent. 

Does The Humidifier Notify You When Oils Are Low?

Although the Levoit Smart Humidifiers are quite advanced, they can’t tell you when the essential oil aroma pad needs to be refilled again.

Because there are a wide variety of essential oil brands and each one has a different level of quality, it is strictly based on if the scent is still being emitted from the mist. Trust your nose!

Ways To Check If The Oils Are Low

There are many ways you can check if the oils are low in your humidifier. Here are those methods so your room can smell fresh:

  • Check the oil’s scent time.
  • Do a smell check.
  • The aroma pad is dry.
  • The aroma pad has become discolored.

Essential oils don’t have a specific standard that they need to follow so some manufacturers may not make their oils as strong as others. Sometimes you can find the amount of time the oil will last on the bottle or on the manufacturer’s website.

You can do something as simple as a smell check. If the smell has faded, it means that the oils are running low and need to be replaced.

If at any point the aroma pad is dry or discolored, that means it is time to add more oils. If your aroma pad is too discolored, you will need to replace it before you replace the oils. It can become a safety issue when it becomes discolored.

Can You Reuse The Essential Oil Pads?

You can reuse the felts pads with the same oil. You can mix the scents if you want, but it may not come out the way you want it to, so keeping some extras is always good. 

Try not to add too much too soon. As long as the scent has faded, you can add more essential oil. 

You should replace the aroma pad when it starts to show the following characteristics:

  • Becomes hard.
  • There’s discoloration.
  • It turns brown.
  • It stops absorbing the essential oils.

Any time your aroma pad dries out, it will not absorb the essential oils and so it makes it hard to diffuse the oil into the mist. At this time, you should replace the pad with a fresh one.

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