What Is The Green Snake On Apple Watch? (Solution)

An Apple Watch with a floral band displaying the green snakeAn Apple Watch with a floral band displaying the green snake

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The Apple Watch is a convenient tool for bringing your phone anywhere. But what happens when you see the green snake on your Apple Watch?

The green snake on the Apple Watch appears when the battery is so low, it can no longer show data via the power reserve mode. This means the battery is completely dead.

Although the green snake of death may scare you, don’t let it. Keep reading to learn how to cure the problem and gain some troubleshooting tips when charging your Apple Watch.

How to Get Rid of the Green Snake on an Apple Watch

If you are experiencing the green snake of death, it’s time to remedy the situation. 

If you have never faced this before, follow the steps below to fix the problem:

  1. Pull out the official Apple Watch charging cord. 
  2. Plug it into a wall outlet.
  3. Plug the other end into the Apple Watch, or place it on the round charging disk.
  4. Let the watch charge for at least six hours or until the power returns to normal.

This is the easiest way to get rid of the snake because it solves the problem. 

This screen only appears when the Apple Watch has not been charged for a long time or the battery is drained.

The Apple Watch is Showing a Green Lightning Bolt but not Charging

If you have plugged your Apple Watch into the charger, and the green lightning bolt has appeared, you may think you are all set to go.

Fast forward three hours when you go back to check on your watch and realize it didn’t charge. This is extremely frustrating, but it can be remedied in most cases. 

Try these tricks below:

  • Change the charging cable. Buy an Apple official charging cable or a highly reviewed charging cable on Amazon.
  • Don’t use all-in-ones. Third-party 3-in-one or all-in-one charging units clean up cables but have varying charging capabilities. Use this for an iPhone and AirPods only.
  • Ditch the pad. Charging pads seem really cool, but they often don’t mesh well with Apple Watch products. Go back to a typical corded charger for better results.
  • Readjust the watch. If you use an all-in-one charger or a circle magnetic charging pad, readjust the watch placement to ensure it’s centered.

These four tips are the best way to avoid further charging issues and fix a charging problem. 

Occasionally though, the issue will persist. This calls for a battery replacement.

Is it Worth Getting a New Battery for an Apple Watch?

If you use your Apple Watch regularly, you will likely run into a battery issue in the future. When this occurs, you may need to consider replacing its battery altogether.

Apple Watch batteries cost $79-$99 when replaced by an officially licensed Apple Store. This service requires an appointment or for you to mail your watch away.

If you do not plan to upgrade your Apple Watch soon, this is the best solution and is highly worth the cost. Considering Apple Watches are three times more expensive.

It is even more beneficial if you have the AppleCare product support plan. This will result in battery replacement for free. An ever bigger cost saving that extends your watch life.

The only time replacing the battery is not worth it is when you are planning to upgrade to a newer series Apple Watch or trying to replace the battery of a vintage Apple Watch.

This is because the money you will put into the new battery could go toward the new watch. Conversely, vintage watch batteries are no longer made, so they are pricier.

Tech Supportal

If you are at your wit’s end and have tried all the above options but think you may need a second opinion, other services are available. 

These tech professionals can help you solve Apple Watch issues, such as learning how to change your wallpaper or understanding why your crown is red.

Tech Supportal is an extremely affordable tech service that can help you fix or troubleshoot your Apple Watch with a quick call or chat with a tech support associate.

This option is marginally more affordable than Geek Squad and AppleCare plans but offers the same high-quality support. It’s a great option for the frugal techy. 

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