How Much Is It To Replace An Apple Watch Battery? (Is It Worth It?)

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Batteries die over time as we use technology. This is especially true for Apple Watches. This often leads to the question of how much it is to replace an Apple Watch battery?

The cost to replace an Apple Watch battery ranges between $79 to $99, depending on the age of the watch. This replacement cost reflects Apple’s advertised pricing.

If you have an Apple Watch that needs a new battery, keep reading to learn more about the cost of the battery for each generation of Apple Watch.

Cost to Replace Apple Watch Battery by Generation

When replacing your Apple Watch battery, you first need to determine which generation of watch you own. Once you have, use the table below to determine battery cost.

Apple Watch GenerationPrice To Replace Through Apple
Apple Watch Series 2$79
Apple Watch Series 3$79
Apple Watch Series 4$79
Apple Watch Series 5$79
Apple Watch Series 6$79
Apple Watch SE$79
Apple Watch Series 7$79
Apple Watch Series 8$79
Apple Watch Ultra$99

Nothing is more frustrating than looking at your Apple Watch’s clock face and seeing that after only an hour or two, your Apple Watch’s battery is almost dead.

Apple has created an easy pricing schedule for their Apple Watch battery replacements. This means all batteries are typically $79 unless it is the newest, Apple Watch Ultra.

If you see a green snake on your Apple Watch and it won’t go away, it might mean something is wrong with your Apple Watch.

Pay Nothing to Replace Your Apple Watch Battery

If you do not want to pay for a new Apple Watch battery, you will be happy to know there are ways to avoid this exuberant fee. The following two situations qualify you for a free battery:

  1. There is a battery defect covered under warranty
  2. You bought the Apple Protection Plan

Both of these scenarios allow the owner of the Apple Watch to receive a free battery replacement. There are certain caveats to be aware of before heading to Apple.

When you’ve replaced the Apple Watch battery, you learn what drains the battery, such as being connected to other devices, and keeping always on display on, and how to prevent it!

Replacing an Apple Watch Battery Under Warranty

If you buy an Apple Watch that comes with a defective battery, Apple will replace it for free. This is part of the one-year warranty that comes with an Apple Watch.

In addition, the Apple Watch Warranty covers a wide range of other circumstances that may arise with a new Apple Watch, including the following:

  • Pixelated screens out of the box
  • Debris and dust under the glass out of the box
  • Condensation within or around the heart rate sensor
  • Back cover damage
  • Battery or other hardware that is defective upon delivery

Each of these defects are considered covered under  Apple’s Warranty. It is important to note that there are instances partially covered and not covered. 

Apple has a comprehensive list of instances on its website to help users determine whether or not an issue they are facing is covered in full, partially, or not.

Replacing Your Watch Battery Under the Apple Protection Plan

If you purchased an Apple Care protection plan when you bought your Apple Watch, you will be happy to know that replacing the battery is completely free of charge.

It is important to remember, however, that technically, when you buy the Apple Care plan, you are paying a monthly fee for this service. The fees are

  • $4.99 per month for Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Hermes
  • $3.99 per month for Apple Watch Series 8
  • $2.49 per month for Apple Watch SE

If you use the protection once a year, you are essentially paying out of pocket for the battery, but in monthly installments. If you use it multiple times, it becomes worth the investment.

Alternative Apple Watch Battery Replacement Methods

To save on cost, some users will look for alternative methods to replace their batteries. It is important to be careful when seeking out alternative methods.

An alternative method or tampering with an Apple Watch will void the warranty. This means Apple will no longer cover the parts to fix the watch if it is defective.

If you have an old watch that is very much out of warranty, seeking an alternative battery replacement method is acceptable. Some such methods are

  • Do-it-yourself repair by buying an off-brand battery online
  • Bringing it to a tech repair kiosk
  • Bringing it to Geek Squad at Best Buy

Each of these methods can save you money when replacing the Apple Watch’s battery. Battery kits can cost anywhere from $15 to $40 on Amazon and include every relevant piece needed.

It is a great alternative for any watch that is no longer covered by Apple’s warranty if you are handy or good with technology.

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