What Element TV Do I Have? (Easily Find Your Model and Serial Number!)

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If you want to register your TV for a warranty, learn about its specs, or troubleshoot problems online, you’ll need to know what kind of television you have. However, you probably already threw away that huge box it came in. This is why each Element TV has a model number and serial number– but how do you know what those numbers are?

You can identify what Element TV you have using the model and serial number which can easily be found on the back of the television, printed on a black and white label. These numbers can also be found in the TV’s menu/settings, or the manual.

If you know what to look for, the model and serial number are easy to find. Once you have these numbers, you can easily use them to find out more about your Element TV.

Using The Model Number to Identify Your Element TV

First you will need to locate your model number on the back of your TV or in its settings or manual. If you have your TV’s manual, the type (AKA model) of your TV will be displayed on the cover.

The model number of an Element TV is usually 7-10 digits long and contains both letters and numbers. You can search the model number on Element Electronics’ website to identify what model of Element TV you have. 

Element TV Specs for Your Model

Once you know what model your TV is you can learn more about its unique components, or specs.

Element TVs are created in categories called Series, including:

  • 100 Series
  • 200 Series
  • 300 Series
  • 400/450 Series
  • Q650 Series

Each Series comes with its own set of specs, and the TVs within each series vary based on dimensions. Your model number can help you identify which Series your TV is in so that you can learn more about the specs and take advantage of all its features. You can compare the specs of each Element TV Series here.

Troubleshooting Problems Using Model Number

You can also use your Element TV’s model number to find solutions to common problems that other customers have had. Simply type the model number into a search engine followed by the problem you are experiencing.

For example, you could search “EQ650AB50R volume not working” to find other customers with the same television who have had the same problem and learn how they solved it. You may also be able to find answers and helpful articles in Element Electronics’ FAQ section.

You can also use the model number to find your TV’s manual online. Simply search the model number followed by “manual” to easily find a digital version of the manual you can access for free, which may include instructions on how to solve your problem.

If you cannot find a solution to your problem in the manual or from other customers online, you can also submit a request for customer assistance on Element Electronics’ website. Be sure to include your model number so they can best assist you!

Buying Parts for Your Model of Element TV

If you need to buy a replacement part for your TV or want to purchase accessories like a stand or wall mount, the model number can help you find the right one.

When searching for replacement parts for your Element TV it is important to purchase parts designed for your specific model number, otherwise the part may not work, and can even cause damage to your TV.

Model number is also important to consider when purchasing TV accessories. Some Element TVs use two stand legs while others use a base stand. Wall mounts for Element TVs are designed to fit specific Series and sizes of televisions. To ensure that the accessories you buy will work with your TV, check the description to make sure it says the product is compatible with either your TV’s model number or specs.

When To Use Your TV’s Serial Number

Your Element TV’s serial number is 17 digits long, can contain both letters and numbers, and can be found in the same place as the model number, on the back of your TV. But what do you need it for?

Every Element TV has its own unique serial number that can be used to distinguish it from others of the same model. You’ll need the serial number to register your device under a warranty. You can register your device online at Element Electronics’ website using your serial number.

So, What Element TV Do I Have?

Your TV’s model number is the best way to identify which TV you have. Although there are many kinds of Element TV, finding the model number on the back of yours makes it simple and easy to learn about your device’s specs, troubleshoot problems, or purchase the right parts for your TV.

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