VTech Watch — Can You Change the Language?

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Perhaps you’ve decided to give your child a taste of the digital experience with a VTech watch. But after opening it, you notice a different language on display. Unless you’re planning on teaching your child this language, you’d probably like to change the settings. But, can you change the language on a VTech watch?

Only the VTech watch DX3 model allows users to select and change the language. If you have a VTech watch DX1 or DX2, there is no way to change the set language. This is because the operational language is always set according to the country the watch was manufactured in.

Below, we’ll discuss more information about the language settings on various VTech watches. Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Change the Language on a VTech Watch?

If you have an older VTech watch, such as a DX1 or DX2, there is, unfortunately, no way to change the display language.

These VTech watches come in pre-configured languages, which you cannot change.

If your child cannot read the language on their watch, you’ll either have to translate for them or purchase a new watch in your native language.

However, there is another option. The VTech KidiZoom DX3 watches do allow you to change the display language.

What Languages Are Available on the VTech DX3 Watch?

All VTech DX3 watches support English and French.

To set it to another language, you’ll have to select the language’s native country during setup. Some of your options include:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

For example, if you want your watch to display Italian, you’ll select Italy as your country during setup.

Luckily, VTech watches offer a lot of countries to choose from. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find your preferred language on your watch.

How to Change the Language on a VTech KidiZoom DX3

When you first set up your DX3 watch, you will be asked to pick your preferred language.

The VTech KidiZoom DX3 supports an impressive number of languages, so you should have no problem finding one you understand.

And, if you need to change your language later on, you can do so easily right from the watch.

Selecting a Language During Initial Setup

The language selection screen should appear on your watch automatically while setting it up.

If it doesn’t, follow these steps to choose your language:

  • Turn on your watch.
  • Press either the Home button at the bottom left side of the watch or the Shutter button at the top right side.
  • When the language selection box appears, tap on your preferred language.
  • Select the check icon to save your selection.
  • If prompted, select your country.
  • Then, click the check icon again.

Now, you should see your native language appear on your watch.

Changing Your VTech Watch’s Display Language

If you purchased a used VTech watch or were gifted one from a relative, you may need to change the language before your child can use it.

Follow these steps the change your watch’s language after initial setup:

  • Click the “Set” icon on the screen.
  • When the language setting screen appears, select your preferred language. You may have to select a specific country if you don’t see your language at first.
  • Tap on the check icon to save your selection.

Everything you need is right on your VTech watch. If you need help locating the buttons or understanding their uses, refer to your manual as a guide.

Do You Need an Internet Connection to Change the Language on a VTech Watch?

You can easily change the language on your VTech watch without an internet connection. These watches are not built to accommodate a WiFi connection.

All the games and built-in features can be accessed without a wireless connection, including the language selection screen.

Why Can’t I Change the Language on My VTech KidiZoom DX1 or DX2?

Older VTech KidiZoom models, including the DX1 and DX2, are not manufactured with language selection features. If you cannot understand the language on your older watch, the best choice is to exchange it for a model manufactured in your country or a newer DX3.

All DX1 and DX2 watches are built with a pre-installed language. So, finding an older model with your native language pre-configured is possible.

To do that, go to the retailer to ask to exchange your model for a new one. You can tell which language the watch uses from the language written on the package.

If the retailer cannot help, you may have to contact VTech Support for more help.

In Summary

It can be a bummer to get a new VTech watch, only to find that it has been pre-configured to a foreign language.

While there is no way to change the language on older models, like the DX1 and DX2, it is possible on the DX3.

If you have an older model, try exchanging it for one pre-set with your native language. This way, your child can enjoy all the watch’s features comfortably.

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