The Five Best Chimes Compatible With Nest Hello Doorbells

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When you get a Nest doorbell, you just know that you’d be hearing the doorbell chime a lot. This has caused an increasing number of chimes, meaning an increasing number of confused buyers, who can’t figure out which chimes are best compatible with nest hello doorbells. 

Nest hello doorbell has different compatible chimes. Below is a list of five best compatible chimes for nest hello.

Honeywell Home RPWL400W2000

First on the list is the  classic wired chime with a loud chime sound, suitable for most homes, with a range of 60 m (80dB at 1 m). It has 2 tunes options, powered by transformer 8 V(1A) (for example Honeywell Home D753 or D780) or batteries (4 x 1.5 V LR14). 

Honeywell home wired chime should be mounted vertically on a wall, ideally at 2m high, for best sound coverage. However, when battery-operated, the doorbell can be mounted up to a maximum of 15 m from the push; when the transformer operated, it can be mounted up to 60m from the push. It is easy to install.

Honeywell Home RPWL401B2000

This chime has an audible volume range of 80m (84dB), for loud and clear doorbell notifications. You can choose from 6 melodies. It also has adjustable volume and innovative Sleep/Mute mode, which mutes the doorbell for six to 12 hours or at all times, depending on your decision. 

You  can relax free from disturbances during movie nights or nap times. Its visual alerts are discreet but effective and complement your chosen melody in loud environments, or help to alert you when the doorbell cannot be heard.  

The chime can be powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) or connected to main power via 8-12V transformer. It is equally supported by a 2-year product quality guarantee.

Honeywell Home RDWL415A

This chime has two melodies. Built with a modern and compact design, it works with 4 batteries 1.5V AA or transformer Honeywell Home D753 or D780 and an electromechanical sound of 75dB.

8M Power Supply Adapter Transformer Cable

This chime has a unique design – the adapter is compatible with the Nest Hello video doorbell and the doorbell Pro Nest Hello video doorbell. With an AC output of 24 V / 500 mA, you can no longer charge the battery by connecting the video doorbell directly to the power supply. It is easily installed with its 8m long cable. 

All you have to do is connect the two copper wire tips to the screws on the doorbell holder and you are ready to go. Then you can continuously operate your doorbell with a video doorbell and Nest Hello video doorbell, without having to remove the doorbell.

Nest Hello Wedge

Google Nest Hello Doorbell Corner Mounting Bracket 45 Degree Wedge Slim & Strong (White) has a 3D Printed unique corner 45 degree bracket for google nest hello doorbell. It is slim but strong and it can be mounted on both sides of the door. It works with our 3D printed rain cover. It is designed and printed in the UK. Small imperfections can be found as a result of the 3D printing process.

Any one of these chimes will make your Nest Hello experience a wonderful one. 

Does the Nest Doorbell Ring Inside?

The new Nest Hello (Battery) does not come with a physical Doorbell chime. As such, it will not readily ring inside. But will only send you notifications. On the other hand, wired nest hello doorbell, is built to readily ring inside.

This is a problem because only people inside can get the door right?

How Do You Make a Nest Doorbell Ring Inside?

A doorbell’s actual  job is to alert when someone is at the door and when the ringing functionality stops working as intended, it becomes a big problem.  

There are a lot of reasons a nest doorbell may not ring. It could be because of improper wiring during installation, a weak or malfunctioning doorbell transformer, or settings have been changed by someone in the household. 

Anyways, you can fix this by ensuring your doorbell’s transformer is compatible to support the Nest hello. In case the wiring is loose, you can tighten them by removing the Nest Hello with the included release tool and re-tighten the screws. This should help fix the issue.


There are quite a number of compatible chimes for nest hello doorbells. However, this article has presented the top five compatible chimes one can use with the nest hello doorbell.

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