QVC: What Channel is It on Each Cable Provider?

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Who doesn’t love a good session of retail therapy? These days, we have ways to adapt and get our shopping done without leaving the comfort of our own homes. There are loads of ways to do this, and many people enjoy home shopping channels like QVC. But, on what channel can you find QVC?

The channel you can find QVC on with your cable provider may vary based on your location. However, some providers air the network on the same channel across the country. To learn where QVC airs in your area, check your local listings on your cable provider’s website.

Below, we will discuss where you can find your favorite shopping channel, depending on your cable provider. Keep reading to learn more about where to watch QVC! 

What Channel is QVC on Each Cable Provider?

These days, many people prefer to shop online over in-person. But, there has been another way people have shopped from home for years. 

Home shopping channels like QVC are just as convenient as online shopping. Just some of the cable providers that offer QVC in their lineup include: 

  • Spectrum 
  • Xfinity 
  • DirectTV 

When you shop from home with QVC, you’ll find lots of great items available for purchase.

These range from clothing and jewelry to household appliances and more.

But, you can’t find and buy all those great things if you don’t know where to find QVC on your television! 

Below, we’ll highlight where you can watch QVC, no matter which cable TV provider you use. 

Which Channel is QVC on Spectrum? 

Spectrum TV has your back when it comes to a home shopping experience through QVC.

This cable provider offers three different subscription packages — Select, Silver, and Gold.

With each of these packages, you get a different number of channels and a different lineup. 

All three Spectrum TV packages include QVC on their lineup. However, the channel you can find it on will depend on the state or city you live in. It’s not due to any problem with Spectrum or the QVC network, but rather with how channel numbers are set up. 

Some of the channels you may be able to find QVC on include:

  • New York: Channel 159 
  • Ohio: Channel 127 
  • Virginia: Channel 12 for SD and channel 791 for HD
  • California: Channel 159 for SD and channel 480 for HD 

To learn where you can find QVC in your area, visit the Spectrum website and enter your zip code to view your local listings.

Which Channel is QVC on Xfinity? 

Comcast Xfinity has gone the extra step in making the shopping experience easy and quick. 

Not only do they provide all their subscribers with the channel, but they have also created an app that allows you to purchase QVC products right from your smart television. 

Now, you won’t even need to get up to get your phone and call in. You can order right then and there. 

With Xfinity as your cable TV provider, you’ll find QVC on channel 58. If you want to watch in HD quality, tune into channel 791 instead. 

What Channel is QVC on DirectTV? 

DirectTV users also have the opportunity to get their shopping done from the comfort of their own homes. 

DirectTV offers you the option of watching QVC in standard definition or in high definition. You can find the QVC SD channel on channel 111 and the QVC HD channel on channel 275. 

Are There Other Ways to Watch QVC?

With so many streaming platforms available today, not everyone subscribes to a cable TV package.

But, just because you don’t have cable television does not mean you can’t still enjoy everything QVC has to offer. 

They have made it easy for most people to access their shows and, of course, the products they have for sale. 

There are many streaming services that include QVC in their streaming bundles, allowing you to do home shopping from any place you are watching television. 

Some of the streaming services that give you the option of including QVC are: 

You can also watch QVC broadcasts online. Just visit to access this channel from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Watching QVC on Cable 

There are a lot of great ways to watch QVC with all the leading cable providers in the USA. 

This channel has a wide variety of great products to shop for right from the comfort of your own home. 

Home shopping enthusiasts have trusted QVC for years.

The hardest part might just be finding the channel QVC airs on with your cable provider, since channel numbers can vary depending on where you live. 

To learn where to watch QVC in your city, visit your cable provider’s website and enter your zip code to view your local lineup.

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