Insignia TV Will Not Turn On? 7 Fixes to Try!


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You’re sitting down to watch the latest show you’ve been binging or the movie you’ve been looking forward to, but when you press your TV’s power button, the screen stays black—cue frustration. Instead of relaxing on the couch, you’re shining a flashlight behind your TV at a jumble of wires, wondering why your Insignia TV won’t turn on and what you need to do to fix it.

Sifting through pages upon pages of manuals, FAQs, and forums for answers can be overwhelming. Luckily, this article has all the useful tips you need consolidated in one place, no sifting necessary. If your Insignia TV does not turn on, try the methods listed below, and it will be up and running in no time.

What to Do…

It can be extremely frustrating if your Insignia TV won’t turn on. It could be for a number of reasons, and each way to fix it will tell you what is going on with your TV. Here are seven fixes for you to try:

  1. Do a power reset
  2. Check the batteries
  3. Check the power source
  4. Check the power cord
  5. Make sure the right input is selected
  6. Factory reset your TV
  7. Consult customer service

Chances are if you have a new Insignia TV, you won’t have to purchase a new one. Continue reading for a breakdown on each method to fixing an Insignia TV that won’t turn on.

Try a Power Reset

You’re probably familiar with the classic “unplug it and plug it back in” strategy for fixing technology. If so, you’ll be happy to learn that performing a power reset on your Insignia TV is very similar to that tried-and-true method, making it an easy first fix to try. To perform a power reset, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your TV from the wall outlet.
  2. With the TV unplugged, hold down the TV (not the remote) power button for around 45 seconds.
  3. Release the power button.
  4. Plug the TV back into the wall outlet.
  5. Try turning it on again.

If this strategy works, great! You’ve fixed it. However, if you have to perform a power reset more than once over a short span of time, your TV’s power supply may fail, and you should get a professional’s opinion on a more long-term fix.

Take the Batteries Out of Your Insignia TV Remote

If performing a power reset on your TV doesn’t fix the issue, you can try a similar strategy with your TV remote. You’ll need to:

  1. Take both batteries out of your remote.
  2. With batteries removed, hold down your remote’s power button for about 45 seconds.
  3. Release the power button and put the batteries back in your remote. (Bonus tip: replace the batteries with new ones during this step, just in case!)
  4. Try turning it on again. 

This strategy might work if there is a weak battery connection in your remote. If neither of these first methods works for you, there are still a few more fixes to try!

Check Your Power Outlet

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s better to find out now than when you get to the end of the list! If the screen is black, but some lights (e.g., the power indicator light) on your TV are turning on, you can skip this one. 

However, this tip might work for you if your TV isn’t showing any outward signs of life. There’s a chance that the issue isn’t with your Insignia TV but with your power source.

A simple trick to ensure your power outlet is functioning properly is to plug a “test” device (phone charger, lamp, blender, etc.) into the outlet. If your test device works, you’ll know that the power outlet is working and can continue troubleshooting for your Insignia TV. If the test device doesn’t work either, it might be time to call an electrician.

Reposition the Insignia TV Power Cord

Adjusting the power cord is another simple fix you can try. The power cord connects to two places: the back of your TV and your wall outlet. If either of these connections gets loose, your Insignia TV will not turn on. To make sure the power cord is not your issue, you should:

  1. Locate where the power cord plugs into your TV.
  2. Unplug the cord from your TV.
  3. Wait about 60 seconds, then plug it back in. Make sure it’s plugged in all the way!
  4. Press the power button on your TV (not the remote).

Like checking that your power outlet works, this tip probably won’t help if some lights on your TV are turning on since lights indicate that it is getting power. However, it’s an easy fix if your problem is a loose connection.

If you notice your power cord is damaged, you can always purchase a new one.

Change the TV Input

If your TV is powering on but not showing the screen you need, your TV may be set to the wrong input. There are multiple ports to connect devices to your Insignia TV, and changing the input allows you to switch between connected devices.

For example, if you have an Amazon Firestick connected to the port labeled “HDMI 2,” then your TV will need to be on the “HDMI 2” input to use the Firestick.

You can change the input on your Insignia TV by pressing the “source” button on your remote or by pressing the “menu” button on your TV and navigating to the source, then selecting the correct input.

Factory Reset Your Insignia TV

If none of the above fixes work for you, then you should try resetting your TV to factory settings.

 Your TV will revert to its original settings, meaning that you will be logged out of any accounts signed in on your TV, and any changes you’ve made to your TV’s preferences or settings will be forgotten. 

You can factory reset your Insignia TV in the TV’s menu. However, if your TV isn’t turning on then, that might not be an option. In this case, there may be a small “reset” button on the back of your TV that you can press for a factory reset.

Take Your Insignia TV to a Professional

If none of the above fixes have worked, or if you’re unable to perform a factory reset, you should consult with a professional to find the source of the issue. They may recommend a repair to your TV’s power supply or may be able to assist you with replacing your TV if it is under warranty.

Final Thoughts

Insignia TVs not turning on is a common issue, but luckily there are a few easy fixes to try. If you frequently use one or more of these fixes, you should consult with a professional, as recurring issues powering on can be a sign of an underlying tech problem.

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