How To Use YouTube App on Sharp Smart TV

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Smart TVs can now give you access to your favorite apps and streaming services. Sharp TVs, such as the Aquos, have a variety of Smart TV models and can download apps from their built-in app systems. YouTube is a very popular app to download because you can watch TV, movies, listen to music, and follow your favorite YouTube channels. 

Access the Smart Central system on your Sharp Smart TV to start watching YouTube with ease. Other models of Sharp TVs may use VEWD instead of Smart Central. If you have a Google Sharp TV, you’ll need to use the Google Play store. 

Having YouTube directly on your Sharp TV can be convenient to start watching the things you are interested in. Sharp TVs that use Google technology already come preloaded with YouTube. This article will help you to get YouTube downloaded on your Sharp TV if it is not already preinstalled. 

4 Easy Steps to Get YouTube on Sharp TV

To ensure that you can properly install YouTube you will need an internet connection and the remote for your Sharp TV. 

Follow these steps to get YouTube on your Sharp TV:

  1. On your remote is an App button. Click that button and you will be taken to the Smart Central screen. This is where all apps can be downloaded. If the app button is not on your remote, look for a button that says Smart Central.
  2. Select the YouTube app from the page that pops up. If YouTube does not immediately populate the search field and use your remote to type YouTube in the search field. 
  3. Click on the YouTube app with your remote to download it to your Sharp TV. Once this is done the YouTube App will be on the main page of your Sharp TV. 
  4. Open the YouTube app on your Sharp TV and log in to your YouTube/Google account from there. Use the remote to type in the information needed. 

You can download any app the same way using the Smart Central system that is built into the Sharp Smart TV. Certain model Sharp TVs may have varying wording or options to get to the screen. Sharp has changed its software over the years but the process above will still yield the same results.

Access YouTube with Google Sharp TV

Newer models of Sharp TV runs on Google and has YouTube preinstalled. Log in with your Google account and start watching.  For some older models of Sharp TVs, you will need to use the Google Play Store to download YouTube among other apps that you need. 

Follow these short easy steps if you have a Sharp TV with the Google Play Store:

  • Step 1: Choose the Play Store from the menu option and click Apps. 
  • Step 2: Scroll to the YouTube app or use the search field to find it.
  • Step 3: Install YouTube and now access it from the Sharp TV Menu screen.

Connect Sharp TV to Wi-Fi

Smart TVs are considered “smart” because they can connect to the internet. This supplies TVs with a lot more capabilities than ever before. Most likely you already have Wi-Fi in your home and now you need to get it set up to get YouTube downloaded on your TV. 

Follow these steps below to get up and running:

  • Step 1: Press Menu on your Sharp TV remote and scroll with the arrow pad on your remote to the Smart TV section.
  • Step 2: In the Smart TV menu scroll down to Internet Setup
  • Step 3: Click on Internet Connection on the next menu screen. 
  • Step 4: Click on Auto Setup, and choose whether you have a wired connection or a wireless connection to your WiFi router. Only select wired if you have an ethernet cable plugged into your TV going directly to your router.
  • Step 5: On the back of your router there is a WPS button, press this button and now go back to your TV. The TV will now automatically start connecting to your router. Depending on the TV model you have, you may be presented with a list of networks around you. Choose your network input the password and hit continue. 
  • Step 6: This is optional but if you would like to test your internet connection with the TV continue with the check on the screen by clicking Yes.

Now that you are connected to the internet, follow the steps above you get YouTube on your Sharp TV. Don’t forget to log in to your YouTube account so you can save videos to your watch later and have access to your history. 


Getting your Sharp Smart TV setup with YouTube is easy. Following the steps above and going through the proper menu screen can get you up and running within minutes. Be sure that you already know your router’s information and your YouTube account login so the process is even faster. All of this is seamlessly done by using the Sharp remote that came with the TV. 

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